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Monday, August 17, 2009
LOST LINKS [againnn] 1:24 AM

Due to technical error...-.Just look at my blog.... its fugly already....-
I lost a few of your links.. So feel free to put yours in the cbox in the sidebar...

Your co-operation is much MUCH appreciated.


edit** i realised there is no cbox too.. So post the links as comments in this post.. :)

On a rainy day,
the sound of the raindrops hits the floor made me very melancholy.
As my creativity flows along side with the melancholy feel..
This is what I get.....

Im sorry
Im sorry
Im sorry

I have no idea how many more sorry must I say . Heck, I dont know what am I sorry for. If you want a mature person to be with, don't look at me. Im still a kid who doesn't know how to properly care others' feeling. I like to play around and everytime I do, it seems to hurt you which in the end it hurts me. Was my doing all wrong? Inexperience gets me everytime. Dou sureba ii no??

A change in appearance can create certain effect on people. Now I know, a girl's feminity is measured by how long their hair is.. How they dressed... Is APPEARANCE matter in judging one's true personality?
If I give you a man - A tall handsome and smart man dressed so perfectly fine in black suits, you will say he's a dreamboat..
But inside he's a desperate guy who chases all the girls he knew and talk about XXX things. A despeardo!

if I give you a girl - talked like a gangster and only wear tshirt and jeans on regurlar basis. A girl who seems to enjoy guys stuff more than wearing makeups. Who wears sneakers instead of high heels and those fancy shoes.Preferred short hair instead of long ones. You will say she's a tomboy.
Reality is she loves talking about girls stuff too. A very polite girl who knows her manner with people.
have you taken into account that apperance means nothing?
Dont judge a person by their apperance.. it may as well be their perfect cover of true identity..
So must I change me for you? Or will you accept my flawless?

It seems like i misjudged you.
You act differently from what I thought you were
I felt something when I first meet you.
Was it just an ILLUSION ?
Did I interpreted this feeling wrongly?
Will I make the same mistake ONCE AGAIn?
Show me what you mean...

i thought you can help me grow up with this feeling
but NOW im just too confused
Is it okay for me to continue this?
because I really need to know ...
Will i hurt you in the future?
Can you accept my childish behaviour?
I cant bear the thoughts of hurting you..
so before I hurt you much more ,
I have decided to leave this feeling be...

But if you can bear all my flawness and all my idotic scheme which i do to make you look at me.. the ones which will hit you in the guts.. All those days when I keep making silly and childish mistakes which hurts you... I promise you, I wont let you go and give you everything you have ever wanted. I will keep you with me forever.. because I know already

..........You love me for me.