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Saturday, September 26, 2009
Everything 2:45 AM

Thursday, September 10, 2009
I Guess this is it.. 1:48 AM

.+*_Letter for you_*+.
So I guess I have been hurting all the people I care so much this week
One turn and I end up in a thorny path.
I forgotten to wish you "Happy birthday"
I didn't tell you Im going out with another person
I havent call to tell what's been going on
Why is it I keep hurting the people I care the most?
All I have been doing is throwing thorns at you
Im too TIRED to say "IM SORRY"
cause I keep repeating my mistakes
and made you cry
will I ever learn how to
take care of someone else's heart??
Can someone teach me..
Cause Im just too bloody stupid
in keeping a relationship
.+*_I am IMPERFECt_*+.
Im the drama queen who wants everything her way
hopes that somebody will keep me safe always
wants to live in a dream
hopes to find her perfect prince
Yeah, Im A daydreamer
I dont say what I really feel
I rarely show what's real
I keep things to myself
I dont like talking about feelings to others
"Do you really love me?"
"Do you trust me?"
Keep asking me that
and you'll end up like my ex-boyfriend
because asking me that
OVER and OVER again is the same as saying
Speaking of TRUST
If I trust you, then i'll just let you do anything you want
because I know you wont do anything to betray me
Speaking of BETRAYALS
betrays me once, i'll let you go
betrays me twice, i'll still let you go
betrays me the third time??
You're out of my life
Im a little too young at mind
too young at heart
to care for somebody else
Im looking for someone who can help me grow
and be patient with my boldness
because I'll do things that will make you
My stupidness can cause damages all around
My carelessness leads me to the ground
My curiousity leads to trouble
And trouble has a way finding me...
Im IMPERFECT and that's me
I hurt people without knowing
Love me for me, hate me for who Im not
Im IMPERFECT . Im me. So Deal with it.
That's all the crap I have this hour ..

Wednesday, September 02, 2009
Set it straight!! 11:18 PM

I want to set it straight.
I want to stop procasinating
I want to really tackle all those insane subjects down...

Ok.. That's it.. No more procasinating on anything... Its a waste of my time..

Oooo.. tuuung .. Just wake up from your dream girl!!!!...


I have a list of songs to record for NSA. All the songs I dont even know....
Im thinking of doing KissHug- Aiko cover.. and a twisted YUI - again cover..
Gonna settle with all youtube bussiness ASAP. Then .. Its a full blast studying .. yea... STUDY is the life man... [But i will still stay in NSA.. hehehe :D ]

Oh yea.. And I will find the appropriate time to really talk about all those craxy outing we have later.
Dunno la bila later dia tu kan?? hahha

I received my favorite snack food just now. Thanx IZ!! Qeela came upstairs to give it to me.
*munch*munch* LOVE Hello Panda!! >.<

OK im Off to have a date with Giancoli.. Phys.. Circular ... something... and some other stuff..
Owh .. mekanik Static tomoro.. Need to really focus this time. OKAI...

Tungtung Is out of here

NYte! Adieu~