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Friday, August 27, 2010
Windows se7en Tweaks 2:39 AM

Hey people!! Guess what?? I have just started to explore Wins.7 eventhough I have had it for a long time. So I checked up on the Tweaks on windows7 and it was awesome!! :)
Basically it just made my day . I got a moving wallpaper as a desktop background!!

YES. I AM GLOTTING for something so OLD.

So ... I am sharing this info .. But no credit goes to me . I thank Windowsclub.com for all the info I'm sharing here.

If you think this is OLD NEWS.. leave this page immediately and save the lecture for someone who cares. I told ya already, I have JUST STARTED to explore windows7 .

Nah , I am not gonna do a tutorial on every tweaks.. but here are some awesome tweaks I found.
(click on the links you desire to read)

How to change your Logon screen's Background in Windows 7

Customize or Change your folder backgrounds in Windows 7

How to enable Dreamscene in Windows7

~ A little extra info for those who didn't know what dreamscene is. Its a program that enable you to use .wmv files as your desktop background. You can have a moving background !! :D And if you can't use the application, simply do these steps .

go to Control Panel
Click Perfomance and Tool
Check the "Show translucent rectangle "
Apply and set any .wmv files as your desktop background!!

So this is a direct link to the Mastermind behind all my tweaks . He is awesome for creating such fun tools. Do visit his own blog . Kishan Bagaria


OH! I almost forgot to mention that I have also found
some of my friends' blogs on blogger!!
the DDA students. 3rd and 2nd year.
I have no idea who the juniors are

So here are few links.

If any of DDA-ians happened to found this page,
leave your links in my message box
(click "all this time")






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Thursday, August 26, 2010
Semester Break! 12:42 AM

Being a 2nd year student is insignificant because if I do not change or achieve anything more than last year. It will all be the same. Don't you think so ?

So semester break is around the corner and so is Raya. Wee.. Holidays. Tomorrow, I have Mech of Fluid and Ukur test. Yet, I have only studied .. none? haha

God Bless me Tomorrow. Don't be too harsh on me test.

Yeah , basically that's all I can write at this moment. Hehe. Study laaa.

I'll back to blogging on blogger when I'm back to KK. Promise. :)

Good Night
Adieu desweet~~

P/s: Follow me on Tumblr!! :) Just advertising myself.

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