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Saturday, May 29, 2010
Sickness Requiem 11:04 AM

haha . Lame title for daily blog review. Lolz.

Before I rant my daily sickness diary , I wanna say this again .


the only thing I keep alive is my Tumblr and blogger . that's all . On with the rants!!


Parents came to KL and now people gonna think im having this death sickness of some sort . huhu . Ok so I woke up this morning and was forced to go to a clinic with parents. And as I , me , myself have been telling my parents like hella hundreds of times , Im practically fine only slight core throat and flu . Geez . They should trust my doctor instinct's too you know. hahah . The sad thing is , I can only eat porridge and breads only . huhu . And after that 3 days of high fever, I lost another great deal of weight . O.O !!!

First when I lost weight, I can fit into my 5 years ago jeans perfectly. Now .. after the high fever.. I can drowned myself in the jeans . It became baggy !!! GAH !!! Im turning into a skeleton !!!! eat more ! OMG Cassie Ashley !! now BOTH of us really need to gain weight!! hahaha .. ok ok .. adieu for now ..

That polaramine starting to give me sleepy heads. hehe .. Nites2 ..

Thursday, May 27, 2010
I am very sick . 10:42 AM

GaaaaRRRGGHH!! Ok since monday I have been lying down on my bed due tue high fever . I mean I can’t barely even sit up . Guess my head was too hot at that time . It continues for three days. In those 3 days I barely eat much because everything made me wanna puke and I cried every night because It was way too HOT or my head was really really dizzy . Thank God I have a very nice roomate and her friend. They took care of me for those three days .

And now . Its thursday . The high fever has already passed . even though I still have the dizziness due to all the lying down for three days . you can say I am slightly mbuk darat. Even though the fever is now gone another type of disease seems to conquer my body . EXTREME coughing which did not allowed me to sleep at night . I constantly need to sit up to stop the coughing . I can lie back down as the coughing will continue and now my throat feels like its been cut somewhere . gah .

Afer this Im gonna go out and find myself some honey to reduce this coughing . i heard it works. is it? And i need to find clean water to drink the water they provided here contains those jentik2 . EEEEEEEWWWWWWW… I think Im the only one notice it . Im gonna make a report soon enough .. I have to make sure I really saw it last night because I was half sleeping too . That’s all for now. My tumblr will have the same entry too . Ok minnasan!! adieu !!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Sick 2:17 PM

I have been terlantar on the bed since monday because of high fever . huhu . AND it still havent go away . huhu . I just wanna update that . hehe . Right now i wanna eat asam laksa . huhu . someone got get one for me?

Saturday, May 15, 2010
Letter to Wraye 2:45 AM

Nee. Wraye . Once again I write to you . Once again I need your help, your guide.

Wraye.. I hurt him again . This time I hurt him bad. I mean really . I can't stop crying over it but even though I cried so hard. Its him who's feeling the greater grief.

"I don't know . I don't know. I don't know. "

I keep repeating the same word over and over. I have no Idea why I keep repeating that.

Maybe its true. I don't know anything . I don't know how to love someone. I don't know how to treat him nicely . I keep giving him pain . PAIN !

Im lost at words to explain this feeling . see?? Im totally out . HELP ! HELP

ARGHHHHHHHHH .. mattaku . I really cant describe anything . All I know now is my heart is beating fast. Its aching . I can hear a crack somewhere. and my brain is overloaded with question I thought I have the answers for it . ouh please Wraye.

I know it sounds over exaggerating. But that's how I feel...

"i won't cry over guys" I said it before. i said that when I realized how foolish I am too cry over something so useless. Longing for something that has not even notice my existent . Its useless.

and now he said the exact same words.

am i useless to him ? am i ? His voice over the phone was ..... enough to make my heart stop a beat.

mattakuuu ..


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hey Hey !!

Well today I am in a mood off giving out my favorite TOP website where I get my own shot of ANIME MADNESS. =D

So lets see ..

Downloading and Watching ANIME for free .. my TOP 3 List!

I usually use Realitylapse.com for downloading anime, not to mention manga and sountracks . Never failed to find the anime I want to download from here . =D

Recently too, my friend Fakhrul has introduced me to a great new website. Chia-anime.com. You can download anime, manga, soundtrack and wallpapers.. basically the same thing as RealityLapse.com offers. It has even more anime from RealityLapse, I THINK . not sure because im still sticking to the earlier. hehe .


I usually go to Crunchyroll.com . Which is a famous website for watching anime online for free. This website do let you watch anime as soon as it airs in Japan . But you have to subcribe to it and PAY ! Which is ABSOLUTE GOOD if you can afford it . But I can't . so...

NOW !! you can watch anime the same time as Japan !! HOW??
here's the links for it .. Make sure you follow the easy to follow steps carefully !

If you can't click open the links, copy the address to your browser.. =)

GUIDE on KeyHoleTV : http://xorsyst.com/japan/watch-japanese-tv-online/
Broadcasting schedule : http://animecalendar.net/

Well That's about it . My TOP 3 places to download or watch anime .. plus one . hehe .

Off to brunh now !!

Signing off now,

Tell me your favorite website to go for downloading and watching anime!! And do tell me if this post of mine helped you guys ! =D

Please leave comments down below !!

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Monday, May 10, 2010
My one week in Sabah 8:31 PM

Sabah ..
Home sweet home ..
[but really the droughts are like UberMajor HOT]

Nevertheless its still my hometown . So I have two weeks off before the Short Semester starts. But one week of that was wasted in KL. Parents decided they want to go shopping here after I check out of the hostel . So yeah . a week of precious time was WASTED in KL which I practically live nowadays .

So .. the best part of staying one week in KL? I dont shop much now . Im just aiming for that Padini Authentics' Sweater. buy me the blue color one!! teehee~ I still havent get it .. =.=" for one week we just round2 the Jln. TAR area . boredome!!

After the drasticly dramatic COLDNIGHTS, im finally home!! Here is the kronologi what I did from the day i came to the day im out of the house again .

Thursday's Night
I came back .. then head to my room . bath and clean up my room then sleep .

Nothing much . Just stayed home . Online and started the Kyo Kara Maoh's 3rd Season's download marathon. Started from episode 91 until 117 . 26 episodes to be downloaded . But today's internet didnt not allow me to download anymore that 2 episodes . 24 to go!

I decided I wanted to go to my mum office and get a little bit if fresh air . Brought my lappy along . and watch the 10 episodes of KKM i have downloaded before . The ending of 2nd Season . sad sad!!
Nothing much , just a day in air-conditioned room watching anime . Cool huh?

Saturday .
Tasha came to my house today !! Yeay ~ some sister bonding time!! We just catch up on each other lives . And watched few movies .

This is a day which I completely forgot what I do . haha . Maybe I was downloading whole day . Maybe . AMNESIA DAY !! HAHAHA!!

I went out with .. Xiera and Mai . Jadi pasu bunga . haha . I went to my mum's office in the morning . Had breakfast with her and her work-mate. Had a little chat with them and watched KKM until Xiera and Mai came to pick me up . Then we went out to servay out for my Dudu's birthday present . I saw one white sweater in EX shop @ Warisan Square that he MIGHT like . Maybe not .. =.=" I have no idea how he's style is .. I just prefer him wearing something with collar, looks soo HIGHLY smart!!

Went to mum's office . AGAIN ! But its in the afternoon . hehe . Planned a sudden hang out session with Maryssa . We were talking and tasting Secret Recipe's cakes when Jay texted her and well he was being suspicious . I bet he was around so did Maryssa . HAHA . he asked her to find him fake flowers in Just for you . turns out he was hiding near by !! Jay , memang ko funny la! haha
And then me, Rysa, Jay round2 cp . Try and be artistic when we looked around the Arts Exhibition in the middle of Palm Square . We even went to Daiso to fool around . =D Best Day guys!! And I left early because .. x mok jadi pasu bunga looorh . ahahha

Thursday !!!
Today is the big day for my Dud!!! yeay ! He's turning 19 !!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY love , I will LAUGH you always!! heheheheheeh

and so ... Xie was so generous to fetch me at my mum's office and later fetch Dud near the Town's Libraby . Here's the funny thing - I bought Xie an EasyWay's Milky tea.. Which I dropped earlier infront of the counter and ended up re-ordering . hahaha. Ok That's one Milky Tea accident . In the car... Xie put the drink in this place where she place her HP . without any of us realizes it, the Milky Tea split on the phone . Berenang2 sudah tu phone dalam milky tea . haha . then As Xie pulled over to fetch Dud, we cleaned up the mess. But we havent clean up the phone and Mai called her!! and she picked it up -all-wet-with milky tea, she placed the phone on her ear... hahahahaha

xie .. xie.. cubala ko lap dulu ..

well after that I bought her an Ice blended from SB for her hardwork today . Thanx for the lift!!!
and we even get to meet up with Venda while we were chatting in SB . FYI we're in CP .
Got to catch up with each other lives . and I think Venda dont know Dud is actually Christian ?
hahaha.. ok then .. Venda left for Labuan , Xie left for her chores . Left me and Dud . And we went to eat .. and then watched Iron Man 2. lastly Bought him his prezzies...

Silver and new sweater. What you have always wanted kan B ? LAUGH you again .. <3

Then It started to rain heavily !! and both me and Dud need to get back home . Called my dad to fetch me . Offered Dud a lift to the Terminal but he said no . Seems like all guys I ever met// rapat scared of him . haha . That's how today ended . I left Dud alone in the Rain . Not literally !! xD

Nothing . I just stay home .

Get together with Sharlina! The long lost one . haha. She fetch me at CP after I friend my mum to the bank . And we went 1B . Xie was there with her askar2 . And we terrorized the gift shops in 1B!
hehe . We r so fun that way. Didn't get to go pc fair after the whole terrorizing 1B. huhu . nevermind . Next time . hehe . Sorry love, couldn't find you that Bass headphone you wanted . Cari sendiri la b ah . hahaha!! > - <

Went to this wedding . the invitation was on 11am . but nothing was there . And at 12pm only the foods arrive and was served . GOSH . That was exhilirating !! and HOT ! Someone even took my picture diam2 ne . well . not just me , every girl in the place also . but .. it was a lame wedding la ..
LAMBAT ne ba .. trus pulang .. and my cousin came to my house with her mother. And here we all listened to the Family's Eco-Poli-Social story . Its funny because .. its darn ridiculous . ahha .

Monday .

Today . I am here at KSJ . being totally bored and just finished summarized my whole holiday . wah .. Im waiting for my love to call me like he promised .. LAST WEEK !! lambat 5 hari sudah ne .... you must kena saman ni Dudu . hahah..

Well ... that's all lah ...

WAIT !! Online punya things!
My aiko cover on youtube hit another number!! WOAH ! so good!
and Im trying to work on my other Dub so wait for it if your one of my few subscriber . haha
and I also made up that formspring things.

here it is . ASK ME ANYTHING . [I have haters!!! @.@ terkejut me but who cares...]

OK .. NOW im done! hehe ..

Adieu minna !!Have a great Holiday !! and Good Luck with Exams and all ..