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Friday, November 20, 2009
How Can I Continue? 7:23 PM

There is a lot of road blocks i front of me..


I felt like talking but no one is worthy enough to listen to my rants ..
So i'll talk to you, my dear, dear BLOG

So, the bad news I flunked Mek.S. Haven't told my parents.. because my dad will definately blow up as my schoolarship is in line. I stayed u all night for it.. but still didn't even pass it??

Haahaa~ Baka desu ne??

I pulled up all night reading, digesting all the crazy formula I found in the book .. Tried to sleep, but too nervous I would end up flunking the subject. So I stayed on revising until the morning..
One thing I didn't take into account was how my body will survive in the ICE COLD exam hall when I have NOT SLEEP in the last 24 HOURS and NOT TAKNG BREAKFAST ... I didn't even bring my sweater with me.. baka no onna da yo ne?

As a former student who took Biology, I should have known better... A Fully functioning brain NEEDs a strong healthy body ..

As a result of my actions.. I fell ill after siting in the ICE COLD exam hall after only 15minutes. I even had a blackout for a moment .. :/ I ended up freezing and not able to write or THINK anything..

Baka, pen tan, yeah .. I was stupid

Its a lesson I had to learn the HARD WAY.. wee ~~ :/

Now, Im devising a plan how to - 1. Explain to my father when the result is out or.. 2. Run away???
or maybe 3. just take my punishments and whatever happens next .. is God's will..


And just now my ears are once again being washed by my parents.

"Don't be too social with those people..and guys"

Yeah ~ I fell kind of awkward to put it up here.. but I'll go on anyways. [no one reading oso..:) =.="]
So my social circle now is between those Dota Freaks , Chua and Rysa...

Cut to the chase, im afraid I'll lose him .. nyaa~~ Why ?? err.. faham2 sendiri la kay people??

Oi Mr.gaga. I mish you.. hehe

Oh!! And did you know? I lost Rm1960 from my public bank account on 21/09/09 ... I just noticed that when I went to update my acc book. DAMN.. I was at beaufort at that time!! How can I cash out those money in those amount?? I only take out rm100-300 at times.. Gosh .. I should make a complain and change to Maybank soon..
I also lost rm400 at my hostel .. And I didnt notice it until now... gosh .. Gosh .. GOSH!! So many money poofed into thin air .. THIS IS WHY IM TOO SCARED TO TELL MY DAD MY RESULTS

So That's basically what has been going through my mind today..


Should I ran pass through it? Or should I stop and get caught in it?

Saturday, November 14, 2009
Balik Kampung... 7:29 PM

Oh yeay ~ he's coming back to Sabah!!!

..... and Im going back to Beaufort for the day... Aigo~~

OkoK... So I can't meet him today.. Owh feathers! Sob..Sob.. there is always next time....

:( kawaiiso yo!!

So I was hoping to take some more pictures. BUT I forgot something!!!
Its not the camera... Its the MEMORY CARD!!! I was trasferring the pictures from the memory card to
my lappy and FORGOT to TAKE IT OUT... Damn....

Also .. That DMax made me dizzy .. Its like a horse ride at the back seat! I ended up sleeping the whole way back to KK.. It was raining too.. A nice moment to take a break. hehe =D

Ano hito ga bogorshipo yo~ ngeh~
I want TEDDY !!!!

Azrie!!! mana teddy ko mo bagi sy tu?? huuhuu~ :(

OH!! And ... thanx to Alif [which reminds me.. his birthday is just around the corner..] im addicted to korean newly HOT drama

You're Beautiful 미남이시네요 !!!

[picture is not available]

Lolz... its kind of like Coffee Prince.. Where the female protagonist has to disguise herself as a boy..
Im not in to giving you guys the synopsis.. hehe.. Watch - It - YourSelf!
Park Shin Hye is in it.. and Hong Ki!!! He looks cute in there... lolz...

Well... nothing much happenned today .. Besides me finding my old art stuff back.. Wee~ I still got my troubled prince picture.. I should Upload that one up . Yea~~

Okok... continuing my latest addiction on MySoju.

Loves ,

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Thursday, November 12, 2009
Japan is out of bananas??? 10:26 PM

Ok .. that title sound weird huh?

well i was randomly seeking a video in HowCast's list in Youtube. i think this post will help anyone who has been seeking a way to diet... Lets start with the news...

Read This news first !!

"Japanese banana importers are currently in a state of emergency due to the wild popularity of the Morning Banana Diet: Most supermarkets in Japan are selling out of bananas by 3 p.m. every day. The Morning Banana Diet was developed by a pharmacist in Osaka to help her husband lose weight and it gained popularity when a TV program featured a singer who lost 15 pounds in six weeks on the diet. The diet regimen is simple: Eat a banana and drink room temperature water in the morning, eat whatever you want for lunch or dinner (except for desserts) and go to bed before midnight "

So here's the video I found on HowCast...

So the listed things to do when following this banana diet plan...

1. Eat 4 bananas in the morning
2. Drink room temperature water.. [aww.. no cold drinks???]
3. Eat anything for lunch ... but NO DESSERTS [=.="]
4. Eat something sweet at 3pm.. [im saving my dark chocos for this.. =D]
5. No eating after 6pm .. and ABSOLUTE no eating after8pm [this is to ensure the food digested properly i guess]
6. Sleep by midnight, must have 6 hours of good night sleep..

So? How will it go?? Well see.. Im gonna test this one out.. teehee... For the sake of knowing if its gonna work or not.. =D

My mum was looking for an article to talk about this friday.. maybe I can give this topic to her??


Oh btw... I need a drawing block , buncho paint colors, pva glue, paint brush, a good pencil..
But I cant find all those stuff in my house !! Where did my buncho went to ?? Ngeh~~

I also found out that Clean&Clear has a product line for blackheads problems... But why is it I haven't see them in stores?? maybe there are not here in Malaysia yet?? oh well... Im gonna try the Acne Control kit.. I have each and every C&C product I ever saw sold in Malaysia.. Except the new Acne Control Kit.. Gonna get it soon.. wee~~ Im such a loyal customer to C&C from J&J XP

Since I have neglecting my facial routine my face kin has turn dry .. oily-ish.. hmm... Need to get back on track... Also C&C has a wide range of collection I have never seen before.. I want to collect them all.. HAHA


That's a lot... hmmm... I want them all.. =D
That's all for today blogging.. I still don't know what to do here... Im too afraid to drive my dad's DMAX . TOO big and well. too new.. if i scratch it he'll blow up on me.. yeah ..
I'll be the object of his anger releasement.. now that's a weird word...
Well Off to bed.. Banana Diet .. haha
Love ya !!!
Good Night Everyone, May God protect you .. GBU..
(= Athung Ahlina =)

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Back to Square One 1:49 PM

Yay~~ Im home...
yet again ... hehe Its been pretty hectic in my life... ahaha..
Im officially saying that im a slacker. I woke up at 12 NOON today .. geez... lazy pumpkin o me..

ok .. ok

So My blog has been out since... oh .. i forgot.. it felt like ages. But Im back filling it with lots more craps since im "quite" free .. from study ..

Im actually reading TITAS!!!! wakaka "for all you guys who do not know what titas is.. its a small green book which is filled with all sejarah craps facts. ngeee~~ :D Its HELLA fun'"

CRAPS! i dunno what to write...

*thinks* Hungry meyh... +.+

Owh .. I wanted to post some pictures here since.. idk... so long.. But I never post it so ..

Since i have nothing to crap about... and its raining -internet dies on me!!-

Im out to eat..

Have a nice scroll through my page!!! =)

random pictures I took while I was in KL...

That's all folks!! Miss You b!!!! XDDDDD