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Sunday, March 29, 2009
just a quick update because i got........HOMEWORKS????? 9:44 PM

OMG!! I actually got homeworks!!!

Sej AND Geo folio again that!!!


and i havent do anything.. much.. haha!!

I'm helping my mum's friend doing the "research" for her kid
the mum was doing all the work..
Stupid right???
Should be the kid yg buat kerja. I mean he's going to have PMR..not his mum!!

aaa...you do stupid things for your family... half true...

other that me having "homework" eventhough im not attending school
i would like to say

Im BACK experimenting my camera once again!!
Im just gonna use my 5MP DIGITAL CAMERA

and... after reading the fruit of love *found the link to it in suzai's blog*
i continue reading some stuff from that site

I am now stuck at this one manga
"School Days"
im still reading it.. and downloading it too! XD

SO cute!!
*but there are more greater stories i read before*
gonna continue read it after this...

another short shout out goes to Haxie *who will probabbly read this coz i told her too.. XD*

CONGRATZ on your battle against GOZAR!!!

To people who don't know what im rambling about... Im talking about the game existed on facebook.
Its a game about... Band battles?? buying/recruit people into your band?not good at explaining stuff... go check it yourself laa
Im addicted to that game!!! OMO!!! gonna level up before someone buy my band members again!!


CRAP! i need to finish this re-edit all the info i just got ... will be updating back again soon... *tmoro*

Saturday, March 28, 2009
Earth Hour -I am On9 from before till now- 9:15 PM

As I said on fb...

Im gonna update my blog after the Earth Hour

*im writing in the dark...oo! my eyes hurt just looking at this bright screen*

So all the house in my area off their lights.. GOOD!!

I was planning to do star gazing or ramen candlelight partayy. But no one wanna fren me. So here I am writing this watching AF7 Concert. *The shuffler dude is singing right now.*

In the darkness... I texted my fren haxie.

So she went jalan2 at kk during this hour...
So she told me that KK is not turning off their lights.. hmm... pa ni wo?? x sayang earth la dat.. *the actual fact is they are afraid all the sneaky thieves ceroboh masuk their kedai*

So here is Haxie's *reminds me of Haje from BOF* conclusion on Earth Hour :
Mostly all the houses off their lights but not the big2 kedai.

Owh..nothing much to update about Earth Hour... Its just another campaign the WWF did to promote global warming WARNING.

that's all folks...

here are some photos i took yet again.. *i have killed my own subject... opps! *inno smile*

most of my pics are blue sky contrasting with green nature
I am obsessed with this kind of shots.
[coz I LOOOOVee blue]

nice? say yes... dun u dare say no.. haha

Im bored right now so lets do something

pixo-telling tym!!

have fun scrolling!!!

on one evening...

I found a beetle under my mum's dying plant
can you see it?
the black thing under the roots or leaves

Since I have no other things to do
I followed this little thing around
[lets give it a name]
*too bad i can'T capture this one more clearly*

Gooooing UP!
[It fell into the drain down below before I took this shot]
the leaves were too slippery for Mr.Beetle to walk on

Goinnng DOWN
[running away from me.. no doubt]

And just hanging around

The main reason its upsidedown like this was
it was wayyy too bright
if its the other way

*Mr.Beetle fell few times so i can get this shots*
*poor thing...*

Its getting dark, Mr.Beetle
I havta go now...

"Finally!!! She's out of my hair. Im going to rest now"

ok... I'm leaving you alone.
[the truth was... it died]
[R.I.P Mr.Beetle]

That's the end of the story "ME and the BEETLE"

screwwww yooouuhh 2:45 PM

I spent a whole day stuck on the Edit Posts box

I wasn't so sure what to write about. So i spent those hours doing ...credit: kuraudia from deviantart

eating ice cream...
a whole pint of ice cream. then i move on to eating my mum's cold bubur kacang.
i ate a lot today... *sigh... no more eating!!*

still dunno what i wanna write
*im freaking upset about something*
Argh... i shall continue this tonight... *maybe..... *

i was so bored while waiting for my internet connection back on line so i made this short2 video.
Its nothing really... I'm just bored

that's all....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Going Out to the bank... 8:30 PM

I was supposed to go to the bank and unblock my bank card.
it was block somehow.
I was waiting for my dad to call me but he didn't. So went on9. macam biasaa~~

put my ym status as "going out a bit later-busy"
Chat a lil with precious and she helped me with the links and tagboard.. hehe... im a noob... so wat.. [malu bertanya sesat jalan... ]
Great thanx to Precious!!

"its gonna be me~~" my phone rang

[eh? y she call dis??]
[lo? aa.. y?]

Its her birthday today and she asked me if i wanna go out with her and celebrate her Bday. My dad gave permission and i went out. YES! I didn't go out to the bank instead I went out with my friend. [sorry I didn't tell u guys on YM!! crash planning=have to get ready really fast. out of crdt oso this! dang x sedar...]

*Oh, and just the other day my other friend asked me if I wanna go out with him today but I told him I was too lazy to go but i agreed to Sherry* So la jahat me... nghehehe...

So today's event: Celebrating Sherry's Bday
Venue: 1B
People attended: cammie-archie-sherry... and yes of coz me...

First stop: WAGAMAMA

people hungry la. Mari makan dulu~~
Im not use to eating at sushi restaurant. Hmmm... what did I ate that?? Some sushi... and fried rice+salmon.

Munch-eat-chat-eat-talk-munchMunch-craps stuff===>>
I was too full to finish my dish and started to look around...
looking at the food+drinks on the tutu-sushi train and a lil boy kid next to me. Then I saw something in his hand.


So then I saw the pudding cup on the tutu-Train sushi lane. it went pass me...o.O!!!

aaa.... ambill tuh~~~

But instead of eating it... I end up PLAYING with the pudding. Placing rice... some onion leaf.. salad.. carrot... watermelon seed


We have a smiley face that kinda looked like Goo Jun Pyo from boys before flower.
[sorry no pics coz i dun bring my cam. hp cam cant use. sad.sad]

I was playing with my food [the pudding] when...

cammie: the pelayan nampak tu kita*me*.. main2 makanan
me: peduli ... *continue play with food*
cammie: kena blacklist la kita ni...
me: duit kita.. peduli.. hahha
*correction: not my money aa.. kena blanja dat.To the person yg kaC kuar duit:: 10Q!*

Then after playing with the pudding... I ate it. With the salad I put on top as the 'hair'.
Spooned it clean. Licin berkilat! haha!

Then we all go round2 the place. UP down DOWN up.[no where to go oo] There was a rehearsal for something at 1B also! Lots of people dancing. Shuffle+breakdance+traditional dance. Quite cool! Oh and i saw Ezam there also. Hmm... long time no see him since tuition. Nice hair do.. a very cool guy indeed. ROCK ON!

Then we all made a pit stop at cammie's house.On the way to her house i can't take my eyes off the clouds. It looked like a piece of painting! SOoO nice! So Beautiful!
Dang... no camera again... So borrowed Sherry's hp and try to capture the scene
*just testing the angle if can get nice view/pic*

And i thought the driver merangkap cameraman saw the view... then around a corner when the scene was in front of him ...

archie: *wat did he said??*: ah! lawa! take picture!* said something like that to sherry who was next to him*
Sherry: okay!
me: *in my mind* eh? you guys didn't perasan pla? Punya nice the clear view of the scene saaaaanaaaa tadi... oh well... guess you didn't heard when i sed that. OPPS!

FIRST TIMMER!! O.O!! So nice oo the neighbrhood. Last time I went there was 5 years ago- when my dad couldn't find the way to my uncle's house.
SoOo gebu+Fuulafie+playful+BIG!!!
But it didn't like me. Kept running away from me. huhu. :'(

Cammie took all her convo stuff and once again we were back on the road on the way sending me home. It was dark when we arrived at my place. So Sherry friend me till the door. said good bye and hugs.. Gave her a Japanese Doll set bought from a gift shop while she was in the cd store..

yeah... what a day.. what a perfect sunset scene! *dang no cam agen!!!*

Thank Youh for inviting me Sher... and the sushi... and the ride... *oh this can go on forever..*
THANX for d day!!!

from me@my crap zone

Monday, March 23, 2009
2:15 PM

It seems i like to drop few unnecessary and totally not worth to be read lines here... hahahhaha

so i was looking/browsing some pictures/blogs ...

and i was thinking....

"need to get my blog a new face. New... new...."

So i went to find some blog skins
after a while...

"Argh! later la i do this! not penting oso.. ahaha... bagus i go cari bday prezzie for certain someone..."

So .... im going out to karamunsing *cant go anywhere else. Lantak la!*
With no money and my regular house attire. hahahaha...

okayy... my dad is waiting for me
i'll be signing off now... seee ya!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009
On one evening 10:14 PM

So i woke up from my half an hour nap and suddenly have the urge to take pictures. Im bored and the battery just finished recharged... So i just took the cam and went out. So lets see what i took.. nothing much because i was only taking pictures in my backyard.

I was standing under a tree while taking this... ok .. it was a lil too bright for me too take the whole blue sky image...

.ZOOM IN!!! muahahaha
pictures of the flowers blooming in my backyard. Thanks to the green hands of my mum... hehe
But half of the flowers she grew died already.
not enough attention ma.. so they died lor... ahahahaa

oh ya!! and did i mention?
There was a doggie who stared at me while i too this pics... so i took a pic of it.. kinda blur.. miyane...
i didn't dare to take a close up picture...
eventhough the dog didn't budge or bark.Frankly i would rather say the dog wants me to take it's picture. hahaha
im a dog-phobia... terrible accident... *cold shiver*
If only you could see the puppy dog face i saw! sooo cute...
*stay away from me doggie*

So then i was left with nothing to capture. So i did this... One object-Different pictures

ok i lied... not much different. same ja ni the angle.. no variasi tul! hahaha .. comment myself again that. lolz

So that was i did today.
Not much.
I wanna see my friends la.
and bake cake for certain someone.. hehe...
but im not good being in the kitchen without the supervision of someone expert . hahahahah
Should go to cooking class.. since im doing nothing at home.. hehe

So that's all i wanna share with all of you today..
wanna continue write story..
I cant never seem to finish one. haha


Friday, March 20, 2009
Updates!!!! 11:16 PM

OK im back... *for now... hehe*

.::So news update::.

xx***The Fun Stuff***xx

I was away for 4 days last week.. I was supposed to be in my kampung for the weekends ONLY but it was extended due to a tremendous flood. huhu.. Not only i was stuck there without internet services... My damn phone died! and i cant use it at all... huhu... So the only way to spend those long hours of boreness is by watching AF7 over n over n over n overrrrr .... *damn!! no other shows agen ka you people wanna watch???* So we tried to go home on monday, but the flood just kept getting worst... i mean ..WORST!!! Houses sinked*sunk? forgive my grammar.lost them somewhere in the jungle... hahaha*

Went back kampung because my aunty is getting married. So as usual all the teenagers will be incharge of doing the gula2 and the telur2.. haha.. thank god we had enough for everyone. We kinda ate some of it.. hehe.. then after the majlis pernikahan got the karaoke session. oh yes! i sang! and it was horrible! oh so wat.. by the tym it was my turn to sing everyone left already.. lolz

FUN PART OF BEING STUCK~ Me and my "aunties" -farah n adek- *they're younger actually* watched "Black Night" on tv in the darkness of the night. Farah was charging her phone next to the tv, so we didn't really watch the whole thing.We kept changing the channels. Farah wanted to say something to me and adek who was lying infront of the tv. But then her phone vibrated...So she turned around as i was changing the channel to TV3....


Farah jumped on me and adek!!!!

Me and adek was laughing the moment she did dat. HAHAHA
She saw the scene where the boy in the yellow clothes were stretching his hands out .*i think if it was in 3D, Farah would be running out of the living room* Then... it rained!!! OHNO!!!! no tv!!! not only that!! FLOOD+RAIN= MORE FLOOD!!!! skip next day... we were able to go home!! and my uncle said he wanted to buy me a new hp... i pray la he mean it.. i seriously need one.. hehe...

xx**The NOT so Fun Stuff**xx
here's the not so fun part from my absence. Since my results weren't what my dad expected. So i end up searching/browsing/applying for Uni/scholarship for 3 days straight. Not to mention the uncountables rising voice from my dad *OUCH!! stabs! Daggers!!!* Stress+no one to talk to = Depressions Yea.. been there done that. Been depressed all my life... The motto "Live your life to the fullest" is my dream. haha.. There were times i even thought of suicide. I did what i wasn't supposed to *it was really that A HUGE bad moment for me* But i thank god for giving me friends that really helped me get through that bad moment of life..

-life is something you must cherish through goods and bads- -Everything happens for a reason.-

That's the whole synopsis of my days being away from blogging.

not much fun huh? I'll try to get more excitements in my life so you wont be bored reading *and me off the comp.. hahaaha*

Okiez... That's all folks...
Im trying to upload some pictures but kept getting error messages... darn..
Try again next time then. till Then...


Im Sorry 12:44 PM

It has been a long while since i update my blog.
my reasons ::

::stuck in kampung for 5 fringging days::
::busy applying for Uni or anything i can apply to::
::idk what to talk about::
::im in a serious depression condition and may need a counseling session pretty soon::

life is starting to get the best of me... feel like wanna give up on everything *including life*
but my rationality said dont give up.
i need help. seriously...

that's all for now...
update soon enough...

"Im Sorry"

Saturday, March 07, 2009
>=[ ]=< 10:25 PM

Yea .. Im not happy... NOT AT ALL!!
i feel like wanna cry watching my phone go off and on all by itself....
I can't even reply any messages as it goes off even before i finish typing!!

*laura, sorry i cant reply you back!!!!*
*Natz!!! my phone kena rasuk... sorry late/didn't rep*

Then there's another thing.... i wanna go out to the SFC bazaar tomorrow but ... haish~
I think I might not be going if i have to go to my relative's house tomorrow. ngeh~
life..... sux at this moment.

Im currently trying to watch Boys Before Flower/Boys Over Flower . I only manage to watch until episode 13. I shall continue my marathon tomorrow... the connection is very slow at this moment.. Haih~ *man... i sigh a lot today... Do you know that sighing a lot = rezeki lari... Im just being supersticiouso~ho ho ho*

I took some pictures again today.. using my mum's phone because my phone as I stated earlier "kena rasuk" and my camera went out of battery... The sky was so blue!! I love blue! Don't you? and the sky blue color contrast very well with the fresh green leaves on the tree... It reminds me of summer in Japan. *as if I ever go there...but I wish i did! teehee*
Too bad I can't show it to you guys,
the pictures still in my mum's phone....

Well that's all...


i was wondering... it was rather odd to see my ym list today... everyone was in "sleeping" mood.
where did all of you went to??? huhu ... i was alone....

That's All folks!!!
I wanna go sleep now... tired

*no.not really. Im just dissapointed with my phone*
staring at the phone .... *smirk*
*crack! [break the phone into 2]*
*dush!! [thrown it into the sea]*

heh~ continue watching kdorama

Oyasuminasai minna-san!!!!
Sweet dreams Everyone!!!

[Aishiteru yo~~~
~ *junpyo oppa* <3<3<3]

Friday, March 06, 2009
♥ ♥ ♥Just another day♥ ♥ ♥ 9:52 PM

Im back~~~

Yeap. Im back with my crapZ posts

So first thing first
I passed my driving test two days ago!!! Woohoo!!
sadly, no car to drive in.... *sigh* [how bout you lending me yours? haha]

One of my relative just passed away this evening. Condolence to the family.
God bless.

hmmm ....
Since two days ago the meals in my house consist mainly seafood.
last thursday's meals were - crabballs, fishballs, and sardine and curry chicken..
Today's meals - TIRAM!!!!!! my fav~~~ hohoho ... +sayur+somekind of fish/crab stick not that Im complaining but it was kinda weird. At least it seems weird to me. hehe

Another thing that happened today was my little couz came to my house.
*LOoooNG sighs.....She's annoying!*
Here's the thing - she only wanted to come over because she want to go to the next door neighbour.[her father wont let her... sapa suruh... LOLz].She helped herself to the kitchen and came back to the living room with a glass of juice and some of MY snacks... *siiighhh*
She was watching the tv while I continue chatting with my fren on ym and msn.
I thought she was gonna watch the tv quietly... but i was WRONG!!
She started to climb on a chair and stood right next to the window and start shouting to the next door's kid. HAIYA~~~~ *i just let her be and continue chatting.... HAHA*
So after a while, she called her house saying she wanted to go next door, but she was told to go back home instead. YEAY!!! Peace in my house!! I sent her back home and continue watching Boys Over Flower on youtube..

=5 Minutes later=

Dang!!! the thunder is killing my LAN! i cant watch my super cute kimbum and the totally annoying *but so adorable* Junpyo....
So i decided to make a videoclips of my favorite artist ever YUI!!!
OMG! she's so cute... here are some pictures of her i found..
*I don't own this pictures*

Cute right??

I also heard from my father that SPM RESULTS COMING OUT THIS COMING THURSDAY, 12 MARCH.... he even write it with big letters on the whiteboard... sengaja ni bha wanna make me remember... hmmmm *narrows eyes*
Well Im gonna continue watching BBF now..
*Junpyo oppa~~ Kimbum oppa~~ Sarangheyo~~*
Signing off now...
As always...

Thank You for reading,

Tuesday, March 03, 2009
What A Day-----a simple scribblez of crapz 8:45 PM

Well today i woke up earlier than usual
7am! Nice!
the early morning air was so nice. It was kinda chilly. But it was refreshing.
I Love Waking up early *smiles*
*Breathes in* aaahhhhh~~~~

Then i went to do my early morning routine
-as usual-
i was sweating like hell by the time i was done...
felling more refresh after bathing... ngehehe

so today i have my last drive before the test tomorrow.
scared~~~~ not really... but hoping i can nail it dis time...

hmmm..what was it i wanna write here at first?
oh ya~~

reminder to myself:
#1. Focus when on the road
#2. When brek change gear
#3. Before stop free gear then when ready gear 1
#4. simpang = tym turn brek... then release when in position *wth??*
#5. Please, PLEASE remember to change gear appropriately....
#6. Stay calm even if the car stop-dead in the middle of the street *most probbably near roundabout*
#7. Remember what the dude say... don't use other road...

Pass laaaa.. i dowanna faillll ..... NOT AGAIN! huhu
enough reminder...
Gonna offline
Wanna sleep early
Nytez people

thanks for reading!
this was from my CrapZone.com