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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Just me..Back crapping !! 7:54 PM

Ok .. Its been awhile. But im back [for now]

gosh im hungry.. Hold dat thought while i get something to munch ...

[after 10 minutes]

me#1::So .. what should I talk about?
me#2::I also dunno
me#1::what have I been up to ?
me#2::knock yourself out...

ok first first of all.. I wanna say sorry!! I havent link anyone yet. I know.. there's like 3 people said they linked me. I'll Find sometime to do that. To lazy editing the HTML for now.
And can you believe it??? I have to scroll ALL THE WAY DOOOWWWNN till I cant scroll nomore to read the updates.. Nah, terlalu lama x log in here.. dats y .. hahaha.. OK . So .. yea.. dats ol! NeXT!!
So last tym.. I went out with the gengs before they leave for matriculation... Sad .. i know.. I cant talk to lLavie as often anymore.. or chat with venda and faht on ym all day.. It was sad bitter day coz its the last day for me to meet them.. [at that time]
no worries.. i think i can go meet them at kdca if they go.. wee~~
recently I went out to meet up with the girls.. Met up with Haxie. Natz. Tua[rodz]. we went to faceshop and bought some nail polish .. then went to 1B.. saw some irresistable offer of.. guess what? Nail polish .. AGAIN.. hahaha.. then waited for haxie who came at 1.. N/T/me waited for an hour or so.. haih... awal bha ko datang len kali... Enuf said.. played bowling/games/some stuff i cant say on my own blog...
hmm.. tmoro.. cari baju with mich.. Im gonna ready the camera coz she's gonna be my model. hahah
[Will upload photos on next post.. really.. I will.. promise!!]

I have started to do bad singing or covers on youtube.. ngahahaha!!! see? I really did it!! Nah! Who say i dun dare dat??? In your face!!
As i said badd singing!! here's the recent one.. #4th one actually..
[Always... ALWAYS read description .. click more info.. it wont do you any harm.. why cant people do dat?? not here.. on youtube.. ]

I am doing fandubs for this one group NSA. Gosh.. just hope for the best . haha. As if la this thing competition kan?? haha.. I cant believe Im doing this. But dats how Im filling the last bit of my days at home... before going to Uni. haihhhhh... I dun have a llife owh.. dang It!!!

I am getting addicted to Lunaonline game. The characters are so cute!! even the enemies!! Gah~ the BGM also .. Im loving the game .. eventhough I am still stuck sana level 7! for my elf la.. the human one ... wow.. level 3 only.. ahahaha.. Gonna level up banyak2 before going to Uni. Then i'll be busy,, no time to play no more...

SO ?? Enough ?? want more? next time.. Im gonna kill some king slime and Crying flowers!! Muahahhaha!!
Thank you for reading!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Little Black Dress 9:51 PM

It seems like i have not been available online for few days.. No ym. No Fb. and duh~ no fs.
Hiatus? nope. Just having internet problems. The yellow little light on the modem will go
blinking every 10minutes or so. Got fed up with the whole reconnect thing. I decided to leave the damn connection. and computer .. HAHAHA!!

So before all of my friends - the smaller circle of my friends- went to matx, we went outing.. It was great. Spent some time.. Just a few pics taken as we were too busy eating and go round2 warisan n cp.

Gosh i miss lLavie... and I have to thank her for recommending me the little black dress book's. I bought the "This is how it happened" [or something like that] .

The book stick on my hand from 10am till just now. Wow. Its been a loooong time since I actually read a novel. It was great tho I am pretty slow on reading. Now i wanna buy some more . Another RM21.90 to cash out from my wallet. GOSH! Im broke.

Shee-it! [I have trouble stopping myself from using such words.. WTF has got in to me? Is it because of this damn hot weather?? I should really put my hands over my mouth before I totally ruin the fun. XDD]

Congratz to all the franciscan for being accepted in MS. sounds like a sarcasm..Gud la!!
Byk oso going there. So nice. Im going somewhere totally unknown and totally SOLO2.
so totally me..


Reminds me the time when I signup for a tuition at somewhere I never set foot in and totally alone. And how sometimes my dad dropped me off at cp at 9.30am. Yeah damn early and totally lonely. Funny thing is - The so called classmates in the tuition class actually thought I was the dead serious loner type coz I dun talk much. Alter Ego / My usual First impression on first meeting. I like to observe the people and get into their minds before turning over to them and have a talk. As Mimich said... "ko patut jadi tu psikologi pnya org.."

Go figure.. XD

I talked too much now. Well signing off to watch a re-run on Monsters.Inc. Yea I know.. Budak2 nya no org.
I have the heart of 3 year old and a mind full of Elliot's Kid imagination. I really do! XDD

before I miss the show.. Nitez people!!!

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009
Because i got what i wished for... 10:01 PM

OK. updates!!

I got the offer for Diploma Civil Enggenering at UTM International Campus.
3years!! hahaha!! wish I can complete it in two years. Can ka dat??

OK so Im back to filling up all the so call borang online..I was reading all the things you should and should not do or wear.. Guess what you cant bring along? AQUARIUM.. [o.O?? that's a first] and all the electric stuff such as hairdryer,coffee maker,TV .. anything la.. can't bring. =save electricity kan kunun.. darn..=""

the dress code ware the same as the ones in matrics.. but there's one thing bothering me.. PAKAI TUDUNG.
Im not the type yang suka pakai tudung!! hahaha. Dun make me wear it there... huhuuu

and after looking at the map I search... I still don't know where the hell is UTM. Sucks at reading maps.
Oh well .. pandai la sa cari tu tempat karang. But tell me if you know k? hehe All i know its somewhere area jalan Semarak. haha

Some of my friends are leaving for matrics this sun!!! My gosh!! Geng!! Jumpa dulu wei!! haha
I mish my lLavie.. :'(

Dad is making a huge fuss over the borang2. and i keep hearing all those people saying to me..
"jauh sudah ko" "teda la lagi ko sini" "sian nenek ko tinggal sorg2" "sampai sana ko kena do this" "dont do that"
"jaga diri"
yeaaaa... i'm tired listening to all that. Im leaving yet bhaa... gosh..
then sana la dorg wanna cry over me.. "teda la ko sini" ..
If I can say it out .. I would say

"stop the crap. Im not dead. No need to cry2. Sapa suruh x pernah wanna let go. Now rasa la..muahhahaha"
Im a ruthless daughter. I know .. *inno smile*

So that's all .. I wanna talk about something but i leave that for the coming post.

...........Yeaayyy.. I got what i wished for... RAIN !!
[[So I am gonna change my layout once more..]]

A strong cold RAIN .. even if it was for only a moment...

been to long since I've seen or heard rain .. so melancholy of me.. haha. Im a scenic what can I say???

It has been a little too long since I visit my own blog and read others..
everyone seems pretty busy with..


Driver's license



all I can say is ..
Good Luck !!! I wish you guys all the best!!!
I know y'all gonna go well!!