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Sunday, December 20, 2009
I lost my handphone!!! 11:56 PM

Yeap .. Now I lost my hp .. huhuuu

My music express phone.. waaa~~~~~ IM SAD.. to the EXTREME

Please give my phone dear kiddo .. ngeh~~so many things in the memory card..Shitttttttttttt

Please pray my phone come back to me .. eventhough the chances of that is only 0.01%



SADness... i shall go black to mourn this lost..

Monday, December 07, 2009
2weeks of ABSOLUTE NOTHING 11:22 PM

Yeap yup!

I have done nothing for the pass 2 weeks + the fact that my laptop was stranded in Xiera's room while whe went back to her kampung in Kudat for nearly one week . That was during Hari Raya Korban ... hmm...


Im in a taxi .. writing my blog while listening to my dad having a fascinating talk with the taxi driver about "ulat" or as we know it.. Kereta sapu in KL .. or anywhere for that matter..

IM HAVING HEADACHE ... the car is going at 100km/h .. its kinda rocky ..

Ok .. let see .. Its dark .. so I can't really take pictures.. ngeh ~

Wanna hear what happened???

So after checking in at KKIA , we waited for another one hour before boarding into the 727 boeing.. Wait.. was that the name? If you don't know what's that..

Its the MAS AirBus!!!

OMO~ long time already since I flew in AirBus.. I think around 10years ? yeah ... I miss the big space and all the luxury that came with it.. I even get to play the games and watch movies during the flight.. I didn't even notive two hours++ has gone by .. wow... I must have been really focused into Zuma. haha!!

After the Flight landed on KLIA all of the passanger took their bags and got off the plane. I was the last one to got off my seat.. and guess what I saw? This one kid and his brother.. and so was the parents... No wonder MAS has gone muflis [dulu la.. hehe]...

Then .. Since the AirBus was a transit from [if not mistaken] Japan, we arrived at the KLIA .. a whole OTHER KLIA . The place where all international plane arrived.. and seeing all new stuff... new place.. don't know where to go .. I got lost.. haha... Have to take AeroTrain to the Claim Luggage.. But I get to see all the different uniforms the stewardess wear, from different country..


Now .. my dad and the taxi driver is talkking about who ownes the taxi company . . how it hasn't rain in kl .. and etc... Im getting dizzy...

I can see KLCC from where I am.. Guess we're getting closer already .. signing off for now!!!

Adieu ~