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Friday, June 25, 2010
Clouds!! 9:25 PM

I did the drawing when I was back in Early high school. I think around Form 3?
I just love my bedroom wall !! haha..

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Sunday, June 20, 2010
Father's day. 11:17 AM

Nothing is worth doing today . Basically today I am being emo,morbid and demented. Reasons?

Father's Day . I can't find a single thing I can be thankful to him. Everything just went dead after Form3. Yeah . I don't really have a relationship with my own dad.

I laughed at his lame jokes , I shake hands with him, I try so hard with every muscle in my body not to shout and scream at him just to be label as "The goodie good two shoes girl"

Get your facts right . I take it to the heart what you said back then and its something you can't just take it back . My life would be a much happier place if you had never told me that. For the important things which you didn't tell me, go to hell with it . I knew it exactly in the age of 5. Everyone else laid out all the truths to me, why can't you? Sometimes I just don't get it. All the promises you gave was nothing more than words spoken to the wind. That's why I have given up on believing anything you said you would do . Maybe I am selfish this way and GOD knows I am very sinful for this. I prayed for my heart to be open up to accept all the things I just said but I couldn't. I still have 88.9% of hatred to this man who brought me up through all my 18years+ of life.. Love was never there. You were only figure which I am scared to be with. Sorry for the harsh words that I throw at you in this blog. But nevertheless, I am scared at you rather than love you. That's how you have made me seen love at the first time. And I thank you my friends for making me realizes that was not how love suppose to be. You gave me things that you never had the chances to get. But have you ever realizes just how much of those things you wanted wasn't even on my list. You are using me to achieve what you can't long ago. I am me, not you. Never EVER compare me to anyone because I am me, and I have my own ways. That's why I am trying my best not to stereotype anyone at most times. I don't want to be a hypocrite. May I say it? You raised me to be the good daughter every parents would want, but you failed to raise my heart as good as you molded my ethics and behavior .

To my dad, Happy Father's Day .

Saturday, June 19, 2010

To my dear,dear friends and darlings...

I here by announce officially, my facebook account has been DELETED. repeat. DELETED.
I will be on my blogs,


So do take note on that. Do contact me by cellphone. I will reply to you guys ASAP when I get your messages and all. OK . that is all .

P/s: I will upload the pictures from our short Re-U// IU-Day once I transferred it to my lappy. :)


Wednesday, June 16, 2010
11:58 AM

Ok . I am feeling blue, black, and red. What does that suppose to mean? Figure it out yourself. But what I am about to do is extremely .. WEIRD

I shall go out later this afternoon, buy a tutu-skirt, Leggings, and new t-shirt and have a transformation. yeah. I'm just gonna spoil myself today.. *supposed to be laughing because of the stupidity but I don't feel like it*

And.. yeah, that's all. Gonna crash over Surya's place and give her a heart attack .

Till then, Adieu !

11:46 AM

There is too much I wanted to tell you after yesterday. I wanted to tell you how frustrated I was, how much pain did it did to my heart, how I had to cry myself to sleep last night. Even though we were talking to each other, I can't tell you. Because what I will say to you will hurt you more than it will hurt me. To see you get upset because of me will hurt me just equally. So I'll just stay quiet while you have fun with your friends. This is a pain I'll go through alone. When I am ready to face the facts. The fact that I really do need to tell you these thoughts of mine, I'll tell you. But for now, I'll stay quiet and bury it inside of me.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010
1:12 PM

Well .. Another test is coming on monday .

The awesome delayed TEST 1!!

And did I studied?? Hella haven't . No surprise. But .. I will soon . And this time I am gonna work my way HARD to actually answer everything correct. Because my Test 2 suX like yeah. Which reminds me. I saw this scene in a Korean movie . Where the teachers told the student to always say this one phrase before starting an mathematical involve exam.


I did that during my mechanics of dynamics exam and I passed!! PASS .. Not that I didn't do any mistakes but at least I passed it ..Since my subject are mostly calculations I did that to every other paper, and I passed every one of them. But I forgot to do that during my calculus exam and I failed?? DARN IT Superstitious much??? lolz.

Well, I am going to sleep over at Surya's place tonight . Maybe . IDK . I'm waiting for the any sign of her replying me.. She went to PJ with her friend.. Waiting for her to come back .

And Mimich already back to KK . I envy her. YES! haha. I wanna go back . I wanna travel back using AirBus!! Boeing triple 7?? err.. I forgot .. *google it* yeah the triple 7 Boeing!!

moving on to heavier [much more crapier] topic

My headset is DEAD as those people underground. Not working at all just when I think Im gonna record something . damn . URGH . OK . got test and exams . Maybe its good. haha .

Well enough of me crapping here. lolz.


Thursday, June 10, 2010
Eat more! 2:50 PM

Yeah .. i need to eat more. I should not be picky about food here but can you blame me for not having a variety of foods to choose from ?? Everyday would be Nasi Goreng this, Nasi Goreng that... I'm trying to gain weight, NOT cholesterol or heart diseases.. Gaining weight through the healthy way . But McD, KFC, Pizza and all that is still gonna be in my list of foods. hahahaha!! Besides, boring la mau makan nasi goreng jak ari2. Matai la sia. High blood pressure at the end of the day. haha

So this is what happened during lunch today . All the guys [I am the only girl in the class sadly] were ordering Chicken Chop, some Beef Chop? . When the food came to our table, all the guys were eating the big chunk of chicken and beef.. while I only managed to get myself some white rice and a small chunk of fish . Ikan rebus!!

don't blame me carving for it,KL is not a place where you can eat fish everyday without paying a ridiculous price.. for one small fish!
Well, its a decent fish from the sea and not just Ikan keli or other Ikan air tawar.. bleghh that . kinda hate it due to bad experience and bad cooking . haha.

Back to the story..
When I returned to the table, all the boys were staring at my food . "I am NOT dieting!!" . I actually shout it out . O_O . I was still full from my breakfast , which I took only two hours before. I just gotta let it out here and state I AM NOT ON DIET . I just ran out of foods I want to eat. Roti canai sound nice right now. Blegh , constant hunger! I'm a vampire! :P

Well .. I have decided few things to ensure I can gain weight.
1. eat more meat and chicken . Eventhough it wont be that tasty like KFC
2. Eat McD more? nah .. sticking to eating more rice. better. healthier.
3. Eat 3 meals per day . And take snacks in between.
4. Take more chocolate. Teehee. But need to brush teeth even more often ! :P

I wish there are articles about Gaining Weight featured on Yahoo . Right cassie?? we people need that. hahaha . But I really think you gonna gain more weight in aussie. jk .. kinda.. teehee :P

That's about it for today's life update. Just finished two chunks of kit kat and now I'm gonna take a nap now...

But before I go .. here's a shout out to Shazreen!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Have a great day today because it's YOUR special day!! May God always be with you. . . c:

Sorry I crashed your cake. hehe

Wednesday, June 09, 2010
What do Boys really like in a girl??? 4:35 PM

What do Boys really like in a girl???

To girls out there who still thinks that guys loves Skinny-type of girls and all that crap. Get Your facts right!! Major facts girls get wrong about!!

1. Boys actually would really like a girl with some meat on them.

Yes.Yes. Just because boys constantly looking skinny girls wearing some hot sexy apparel doesn’t mean they like them. I personally think that they was just looking at their appearance. Hot sexy! Who wouldn’t look? haha. Even I look. Too skinny is [to them] are YUCKY.

2. Boys prefer girls who eats

What? What are you doing just ordering nuggets at McD while you are actually starving?? Be done with the DIET excuse! Go buy that Double Cheese Burger you want! Boys likes to eat and enjoy food!! Seeing a girl who is not ashamed to eat whatever she likes is something interesting. Besides, seeing you eating only salad while he’s stuffing he’s face with that Big Mc, is kinda weird and he would feel sorry for you. “Why is she’s eating so little? Is she’s saving money??” - well that was what one of my boys told me. BUT do behave like a girl !! Don’t over do it, trying to be one of the guys and start stuffing foods like he does. [IF he does it]

3. Boys prefer girls with high heels and all dress up??

Depends on the Boy’s likings. But from my own experience, Boys likes a girl who can dress up nicely and accordingly. Not to much, but something nice. FOOTWEAR - If you thought putting up with 3-inch high heels would impress him, think again. He would be annoyed everytime you stopped him because your heels are hurting you. I personally suggest you to put on sneakers as that would be comfortable to walk in. CLOTHES - Boys loves to see a girl wearing a mini skirt and those hot tops . Yes they do. But if your not comfortable wearing it, he would be uncomfortable seeing you in it too. well. the point is, wear something you are comfortable in, and not trying to impress them with the outrageous looks. If he doesn’t like you, he doesn’t like you. No matter what you put on.

4. Just because they are the GUYS ..

doesn’t mean it would always be them to do the first move, pay the bills, drive you around. You can do it to you know? I think sometimes even the Boys are tired of being the one doing all of that. We need to share the suffering of the boys are having too. Who’s with me? No one? oh wells..

Well I think that’s the few MAJOR facts I can get around on this one shot post. If a girl ever come up to me and say “Im afraid he thinks im fat!!” or “Should I wear something sexy to get his eyes??” I’ll throw my pillow at you. Seriously.

P/s: for the boys who read this post, you have every right to agree and disagree anything I said just now. If you think its not true, reblog with the real facts.. ?

Ctrl+C,Ctrl+V from my tumblr.

signing off,



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Monday, June 07, 2010
Tumblr 10:36 PM

Do click on the link to see what I have post in tumblr. I Usually post quotation , reblogged or I have done my own typography or random short updates on daily life. Im not neglecting my blogger ..

So here are so of my own short kinda typography . These quotation are mine unless I mention otherwise. Just posting up words is good but guess i wanna be extravaganza kind of girl . haha

Expressingwithwords.tumblr. Expressingwithwords.tumblr.Expressingwithwords.tumblr.

Gonna make more of these soon!! OMGee I should be studying but really its just stuDYING. so I'll get back on that right after midnight. hehe .

Thanx for dropping by


Saturday, June 05, 2010
6:13 PM

Cute pictures found on tumblr ~~ Love it !! hahaha .. im doing of the late.

WElll ... off to bath dinner sleep .. then its studying time for good .!!

Wish me luck ei !

Youtube! 5:12 PM

Posted me myself singing without any music in the background.

Little Wonders by Rob Thomas.

Do love me back by subscribing??


Epic failure! But I want to kill the time , gotta do what a girl gotta do ne?

Ok outz till next week . But Im still stalking all of you guys . hehe .

Love you people, Keep in touch ,

TEST and EXAMS are now starting . Hate it but gotta live with it .



I need a pianist for my next cover on youtube . pLease Please help me? hehe

Song : To Mother
Artist : YUI .

Anyone up for a try ?

Friday, June 04, 2010
Lame 6:10 PM

Everything is uber boring for me nowadays . hurmm .. > <*

So I decided to make some plans .

Plan A : Watch Anime.

Im almost done with naruto shippuden's series .. and im trying to download the movie as well . Well, I can't really say "trying" ... Wanting to download to movie is more like it .. Nyah , I want my bf do it for me . Im lazy. :D Life will be easier . Now that i mentioned him, He's been really ignoring my texts these few days . =.=*
I secretly thinks that im turning into Shikamaru . Everything seems ... troublesome .
The constant calls from parents asking ridiculously same questions everyday . haiya . leave me some space to breathe why dont cha? ya da ya da ..

Plan B : Getting rid of unnecessary.
OK now .. let see . Not logging in to FB seems nothing . haha . Don't really care much about it now though . I just happens to be interested in making lame quotes in my Tumblr and blog-stalking everyone . haha . [Im a potentially dangerous Internet stalker . So beware of that! >:) ]

Plan C: Gaining weight. =.=
My plans on gaining some weight? Not working. None of the food can make me hungry enough to eat. Same food everyday . Eggs. Rice. ya . that's about it . Haha . Im picky nowadays . And I have no idea where did this biceps came from . I don't even go to gym as much as I do last semester.

Plan D : Youtube Link Flood .
Well .. I have few projects to finish . Spica by Miku was totally abandoned due to the fact I can't sing the chorus just right . Then there is this Toeto Youtube's Chorus thing that I've been wanting to participate.. Not gonna upload it until that thing really went official . haha .
And I have sent my Chobit's Let me be with you to another Youtube Chorus like project. Its basically just gathering some people singing the same songs . That's all .

And I am thinking off doing a cover on She was Mine by AJ Rafael & Jesse Barrera . I have terrible English singing pronunciation . lolz . I can't singing much now after the terrible cough too . urgh .. Nothing in my plans seems worth my time anymore.

Plan E : Get a 4 flat in my subject.
The only option left for me to kill off this boredom of mine . haha .

guess Im just a bored person . nyaaaaaaaaaaa~~ Suman na people bored you with my totally boring blog posts and lame quotes in Tumblr. huu ..

that's all !! Bye Bye!!

P/s: Do you know I have changed my tumblr's link ?? it is now ..