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Thursday, February 18, 2010
Youtube Reloaded.. =D 6:59 PM

Finally I uploaded something to my youtube account . It has been awhile.


I was damn bored doing nothing . ahha. So here's the SO -Very short cover on

sakasama no chou

And here's the EPIC failed cover for .. YUI_again .

that's all ..

Adieu for now


Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Just something.. 7:45 PM

i did upload this one long time ago . But I deleted it and now its reUpload. yeay~
I was having flu ? XD oh wells.. Im gonna do another cover. And this time using dbsk's tea for two... yeah ~ dats ol .

And just now I went out with my uncle's family . We went dinner at SR . Gosh .. the service was horrible, I mean not totally . But the spaghetti was cold when it reached my table. I only ate half of it . and the rest was left alone to be thrown away in the back of the kitchen . I also saw this cute couple keychain. It was in the shape of a wisel . I only wanted to buy one but then again ..

rm10.90 = 1 wisel
rm10.90 = couple keychain .

I rather take the keychain . I shall buy it tomorrow . hehe . Ok . gtg . My mum is nagging me to go to bath already .

Aitz! So long for now.!!

Adieu ~

much love,
Ahlina is athung

Monday, February 15, 2010
READ if you like horoscopes 9:56 PM

Something for all of you who loves those love reading horoscopes~

By Lynn Lopez

The twelve signs of the zodiac all fall under certain elements, which characterize their behavior and personality. Earth signs, for example, are practical, realistic, and, indeed, down-to-earth. Fire signs symbolize will, enthusiasm, and great energy. Air signs lean more towards thoughts, so the people born under this sign tend to quite analytical, while water signs represent emotions and intuition. Here is how the zodiac signs are categorized according to their elements.

Earth: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo
Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Fire: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries
Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

All three signs in each category have qualities of their own, and they can either be a cardinal sign, the fixed sign, or the mutable sign. The cardinal sign reflects qualities of being a goal-oriented leader, the fixed sign is stable, while the mutable sign is more flexible and adaptable.

So how do the signs get along with each other? Here’s a quick rundown of what the signs can expect from one another when they meet.

Earth and air: The earth represents balance and stability while the air deals more with free-thinking and ideas. The air sign provides earth a chance to fly free every once in a while and the earth sign keeps air grounded and makes sure that any plans can come to life.

Earth and earth: Here is one truly powerful partnership which can do a great job of building their future and fortune, but both must remember how to relax and enjoy life together.

Earth and fire: Earth is the perfect foil for fire’s frequent bursts of inspiration. While fire is full of dreams and ideas, earth can definitely make a way to turn these into reality, as well as help fire stay realistic.

Earth and water: This is another match that changes and develops the parties involved. While water can soften earth by helping it get in touch with emotions, the earth can do its part by showing water a more pragmatic way of thinking.

Air and air: A pair of air signs is a guarantee that the union will be a true meeting of the minds and promises to flourish through an open and honest exchange of thoughts.

Air and fire: These two can definitely make sparks fly. They complement each other by making sure that their energy and ideas combine to bring about their plans in life.

Air and water: A very strong emotional connection will keep these two together, and make a great team by being able to fuse the powers of both the heart and mind. Water will allow air to be more emotionally expressive while air can show water how to express ideas.

Water and fire: Fire can help water bubble up and be more active while water lends some calmness to the fire element. Beware that one element should overpower the other, however.

Water and water: Two emotionally aware signs can only make for a truly deep bond.

Fire and fire: Two fire signs coming together can be very exciting indeed. This is bound to be an adventurous combination, but two dominant wills can also be in danger of fizzing out, so they must learn to strike the proper balance.

Click for more love goodness~~

5:19 PM


I got nothing to do . Its monday !! and Usually I would wake up at 6am and get ready for my Ukur Tanah practical works. The class supposedly start at 7 am but we usually start at 730am. hehe..

And today...??

I was planning on going to Kundasang and have fun there but it'll be a bore if I go there alone. After asking many people, I got none, zilch, zip, friends to go . So my mum set up another plan . That is going on picnic on Tg. Aru beach . Oh wells, better than doing nothing.. sheesh...


I thought that the beach was hot.. but suprisingly it was windy ~~ wee~~ I took no pictures because I was staying under the tree hiding from the sunlight. I got tanned already !! I don't need more!! =.="

I also managed to drive the car . The DMax. I wanted to drive the car until we reach home but.. however.. hmm.. at the back . my mum was..

"jangan laju-laju" .. i wasnt even at 30km/h at all... =.=

"jaga tu kereta di depan" ... It was on the other lane.. rilex ba mummy.. =.="

"ok mau sampai jalan besar sudah stop la" ... and I kept going .. X.X!!!

and she keep repeating the same phrase.. I cant stand .. dad took over..

ngeh ~~ tmoro I'll take the car out . hehe. Im too bored at home oredy . and . sitting infornt of
the laptop playing games all days= flabs.

that's all from moi .

much love,

Saturday, February 13, 2010
Its 14th Feb Again!! 11:17 PM

haha.. Its been like .. forever since I actually really celebrate this particular day with anyone .
EXCEPT my friends. Ouh ~~ my lovelies.. Mish them so much !

ok ok ..

Im just dropping a few lines to wish you guys since Im going back to Beaufort for some people person's wedding . haha.

Oh yea.. and alsoooo ~~ I have uploaded some pictures during my lunch date with Xie the other day on my facebook acc. hehe..

Ok dats it!


Much love,

adieu minna!!


Tuesday, February 09, 2010
Being silly!! 11:03 PM

Haha.. So before I went back to kk .. Opps.. Yea.. Im back people!! lai2 , go mansau tokou!!..

ok back to my story !

I cant proof that this one monkey in my phone theme pandai makan .. and Tingz and Rysa was being sarcarstic saying im lying. hahaha.. SO ?

Since I've got nothing to do , I actually record the wholee thing. hahaha. I mean how the monkey move and all . Posted it up in mY Youtube account. hahaha..

p/s:: I know ba u guys were joking about the record things, but I got nothing to do . HHAHAHA..
Hope it made your day !!

Click!!!v=====> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pp1gxIJmd8