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Saturday, February 28, 2009
Just Random facts about health 10:08 PM

"Enjoy my current fav song by YUI while reading.. She's cuuteee ... <3>

XoXo...-**Facts i learned today**-...oXoX
[found from Yahoo Health...]
  • 6 to 8 hours of sleep makes you 3 times younger than you RealAge
  • Doodling Can Help Memory
  • Foods to keep your Brain young!
  • I'm not Insomnia at all... yea!!!I took the quiz. I just need to improve my lifestyle :DD
  • If you wanna lose weight... look at the calories instead... [I know this long time ago... that's why I'm not gaining much weight... ahahaha ]
  • Chocolates is a good antidepressant [i've tried it and it worked like a charm]
That's all about health i learned today...
on to next story!


so today i went for shopping...restocking the house with foods and life supplies...haha
i went to SERVAY PUTATAN ... ngehngehngeh

i am supposed to upload pictures ... but... later la i edit oni... hehe

Early morning today - 7.30am
I woke up and found i have a message from certain someone asking me to do certain things
**you know who you are... not my fault you didn't get to take your laundry... HAHAHA**
"jan mara aa~~~"
I didn't have breakfast and was forced to leave the house with my hair looking all ugly. heh?
watev..like i care... haha
then went to the Kepayan's Hiltop
Mum have her appointment with Doctor about her cholesterol level
naa... no more seafood... eat only white eggs... hahaha

Morning - 10.10am

x.-**While waiting... my hp DIED[hp glitches!!]. So i switched hp with mum**-..x
After waiting for half an hour... we're done at the clinic!! Finally....
food!SWEETS!! Lollipops!!!!
the first thing i put into the cart was...
ORANGES... the small ones... which i forgot what they're called ... "honey oranges??"
then it was the grapes... then the yogurt drinks [YUMMm]
i was filling the cart with foods that i want while mum was busy
picking out the ginger,chicken all those stuff
RAW stuff

After filling the cart with everything necessary.. we went to
the cashier
and i saw the lollipops.. took 6
and just throw it onto the table..
*note: if you wanna buy something that maybe rejected by your parents...*
**put it on the cashier at the last minute... that's what i did**
it took more than 15minutes to scan all the stiff we were buying.
[Guess you can tell how many stuff we bought]

while waiting
[lost track of time... my hp died!!! nice kan??]
I met my friend who was working at the well i dunno what store he was working in.
But he saw me...[wished he didn't though] the painful part was he poked me.
Darn! it hurts!!
Luckily my mum didn't saw that or she'll be wondering if i have anything going on with that guy. haha
**he's taken orady okay... haha**

The thing that surprised me was the digits displayed on the cashier's screen...
That's TWICE the usual amount we pay. Oh well... not my money... *Inno Smile*
Bought some chicken popcorn also at Servay. Sadaaaapppp...
rugi if you don't try
[sorry forgot what store]

Then went to the Pasar... still in Putatan area aa..
Pecal [dunno how to spell that but its veggies+kuah kacang]
yeap... that's all

then went home and dats all i did today
I on9 the rest of the day
*My hp died... that's why*
till now and till Im sleepy

That's all from my CrapZone.com
Thanx for reading


Wednesday, February 25, 2009
wanna read?? 11:33 AM

Nothing actually

im out of words to say
am out of topic to share

so ...

what to write???


how bout I share my some Quotes i found
made up few minutes ago??

Well... it's not like much people reading my Crappy posts anyways....

im doing random stuff... its gonna be BORING i tell ya....
still wanna read???

okay ... as you wish....
here are some...
correct me if im wrong ya...

"Can you notice what you can't see?"

"To know yourself you have to look at others ... to know others you have to look in your heart"

"Life can only be understand backwards but must be live forward"

To true don't cha think?

"Name me one boat that'll never sink.... friendSHIP"

"The best way to improve yourself is to beat yourself"

not beat = hit yourself aa... OUT DO yourself

"Im better than yesterday"

"Never say never"

see? see? I told ya it's gonna be BORING TO THE MAX
but you wanna read oso
I shall stop this insane crapping...

till i found a truly worthy topic to share
then only i post

Till then

this was from
my CrapZone.com
-truly crap-

signing off



*colourful right?? hehe*

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is another new release from TOHOSHINKI after Bolero ...
My friend told me about it and I thought i wanna share it with all of you...


p/s : I did the romanization on my own... Inform me of any error...
My Japanese is not that good so there might be error here and there...
Leave comments if you wannna....

*Music Video*


Romanized Lyrics
*Any Error please inform me..*

Everytime Everyday
ima dare mo ga survivor
Looking for every where
kono shicha ni Don't give up

Koko kareta tachiagate
hikari sagashite
Chansu ni kae yo issho ni
Let's try
Oh baby let's try!

Kokoro ni One Smile
Mitsuketara Shine on me
Two Smile
Kasanetara Shine on me
Sekai kagayaku you ni Smile Smile
Ikiru to Survivor

Kimi ga ireba
mawari michi demo Not so bad
taisetsu no mono Remember
Hitori de one dekinai koto demo
kimochi wo awasete hajimari wa
We Can
Oh baby we can!

Dokoka ni One Dream
Itsu no hikase Still on
Two Dream
Todokidase Brand new world
Dareka wo aisuru you ni
Dream Dream
Dakishimete kokoro

Kokoro ni One Love
Ashita nara So easy
Two love
Tsunaidara Be Happy
Jibun shinjiru you ni
Love Love
Ikiru to Survivor

Daremo ga survivor
Tomo ni yuku survivor
Smile and dream now
Everybody Everybody night

Kokori ni One Smile
Mizuketara Shine on me
Two Smile
Sekai kagayaku you ni
Smile Smile
Dakishimete kokoro

Kokoro ni One Love
Ashita nara So easy
Two love
Tsunaidara Be Happy
Jibun shinjiru you ni
Love Love
Ikiru to Survivor

English Lyrics - Survivor
*Any error please inform me..*

Everytime, everyday
everybody now is a survivor
Looking for everywhere
In this case, don’t give up

Standing up from here
searching for the light
Together we have a chance
to change, so let’s try
oh baby let’s try

With One Smile
you find a heart Shine on me
Two Smiles
that we can join, Shine on me
Shine like the world does
Smile, Smile
Live on Survivor!

Even if you’re going
on a u-turn, it’s not so bad
remember something important
Being alone is too hard
We can unite our feelings / thoughts to begin
Oh baby we can

Somewhere there’s One Dream
With the main aim to Still (going) on
Two Dreams for a Brand new world
and someone to love
Dream Dream
Let’s hug

With One Love
Tomorrow can be So easy
Two Love(s)
that we can join to Be happy
believe in yourself
Love Love
Live on Survivor

Everyone is a Survivor
Together we are Survivors
Smile and dream now
Everybody Everybody night

With One Smile
you find a heart Shine on me
Two Smiles
that we can join,
Shine like the world does
Smile, Smile
Let’s hug

With One Love
Tomorrow can be So easy
Two Love(s)
that we can join to Be happy
believe in yourself
Love Love
Live on Survivor!

That's All....

Yours Truly,


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Monday, February 23, 2009
A dark rainy day 12:05 PM

It was raining the whole day today ...
can't connect to the internet...
so i watch tv... eat... sleep...

nothing to do
nothing happened

so here what i did...

take pictures!!! well... this was the photos i took from a long time...
on a rainy day... :DD
the ones i took today didn't came out as i expected
so I decided to post this batch instead...

as you can see... i have a lot of books...

okay .. most of them are comic books...

This is my favorite series... i bought the first two series
continue reading the rest of the series on9
[save money....]

My Helios Eclipse by Kaoru Collection

My whole collection of Kaoru
missing the
143 book
i shall add that one later...

okay ... that's all i wanna show today...
sorry if I bored ya

Yours truly,
*thank you for reading*


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I have successfully FAILED ...
by one point!!!!!!!


when i looked at the marking he gave me... *STABS!!!*ARROW STABS*

so here's the short/long story...

i waited for my tutor to pick me up ... but he didn't show up.
So I *my mom* called him just to know he forgotten all about my darn test today.

The tutor came.. ah! at last! took the first part of the test as soon as the papers were signed.
All i have to do was go around the circuit and do all three obstacles for few times.. Easy? Kinda...

Finished all the three obstacles. Man! Its hot!! My right arm turned darker than the other one.. Need to wear some whitening lotion later on. ha ha. I sat there waiting for the examiner to come back for 15 minutes. When that person finally arrived... "Jam2 sambung"
I looked at my watch... 11.15 ... 2pm... that's roughly 3 hours!! What am i supposed to do till then??? So I went to the canteen to buy some cold water... panas bha.. dehydrated already...

I went back to the waiting place. There's a Chinese girl with her tutor. They were talking in Chinese...?? mandarin...?? hokkien... ?? I can't tell... HA HA...
After the tutor *the girl's uncle* left her all alone. I greeted the girl. She was older than me. WAYY older than me but she looked like she just finished high school. HA HA. Both of us was waiting for the QTI to start back again. Nyahaha!!
I'm just afraid I'll lose my focus due to the heat and boredom...

My tutor came back. He asked whether i have completed my test. HELL NO!!!
He told me to go eat but the food was just ... not my cup of tea.. I wasn't feeling that hungry at that time too. Called my dad I'm gonna be late... YEA.... another ONE HOUR and a HALF!!
Continued talking to the Chinese girl *Dunno her name*
[Percentage of concentration lost : 50% lost due to heat and boredom]

Yep! its been a whole THREE hours since i last check my watch... Spend the whole time talking to the girl *still don't know her name* about the test,cars.school,life... yea... BORED LIKE HELL man!!
And on top of that... it was Freaking HOT!! Even my water became hot due to weather. Waited another 15 minute for the darn examiner ... and finally!! HE CAME!!
[Percentage of concentration left : 65%]

In the car... adjusting everything i need to adjust... everything was in good conditions... I'm just a little nervous about the signals... Its the opposite of kancil's ... OKkkkk... pray,pray.... "StarT"
My steering control SUX TO THE MAX... *this was expected...*

everything was fine until i was on the main road...

Nothing more was commented after that . UNTIL!!!

I came to a selekoh... I was a little too late to use the break. DARN!! That was the last point!!!
The last point that could determine my PASS OR FAIL... The darn examiner told me all the stuff i must "re polished"... As i drove the car back to the waiting point... all i can think of was

"thank you for making me wait for 3 HOURS just to know i failed"
"darn! how am i gonna tell my dad about this???"
"Shii- one more point??? goddammit!! i was so CLOSE!!! *BLACK AURA*"
"Rm200?? will my dad gave me the money?? OMG!!!! HELL NO!!! what am i supposed to do??"

Then i told the tutor i failed. The big boss was there too. He even joked a little to make me feel better. *NOT!* i was thinking of driving the kancil home but the tutor was in a rush so i let him drive it. hehe. I think if i drive the kancil at that time... I'll be speeding beyond limit... MUAHHAHAHA!!!

Im gonna take my JPJ test next month.
[Who cares about the QTI ??? S****** la i wanna care right now. MUAHAHHA]
Since this month was FULL. Yeah... that time im gonna make the best of it. If i don't get higher than 17 ... Im gonna stop eating lolipop for a whole month ...
**Sound unreasonably unreasonable? Im a lolipop addict. Its a torture to do such thing**

and NOW
here i am...

sitting in front of the computer...
cursing the darn day of my failure...
*munching the sardine roll*
one more ...
HATE !!!!!!!
where's a good DARK CHOCOLATE when you need one... ??
I'm gonna go for a short *VERY SHORT* run after this...
oMG!!! ZOMG!! mum just text me...
*look unsure/worried/don't care*

WhatEv!! HEll Yea I'm kill something later on... MUHAHAHAHA
*devilish look*

All well ends well...

Yours Truly... *completely pissed off*
*This was from my [completely pissed off] CrapZone.com*


Tuesday, February 17, 2009
TEST!!!! QTI!!!! **another two part stories** 10:20 PM

[Part #1] Dang!!

i have a "pre" drive test tomorrow... i pray for nothing to happened to me like my last driving lesson..
i almost got into accident .. 3 TIMES!!!!
that's all im gonna do tonight...

em! gonna do my best... so i wont fail... MUAhahahha!!!

[Part #2] It wont go away... still lingering *just a short one*

This feeling wont go away
no matter how hard i want to erase it
it will never be
it could never be

This feeling
is something i could not believe
something i could not dare to feel
Because it may just be
an illusion of an ill soul

This feeling still lingers
you're just my illusion
a dream i created
with open eyes...

Saturday, February 14, 2009
Valentine's Day!!! ^^V **two part post** 5:18 PM

xX_PART #1_Xx

I can't sleep again tonight.

By my watch, its been MORE than 24hours since I had a wink of sleep.
What happened to me??
i need to rest!!
a long LOOOOOnng rest!!
tomorrow i have my weekly driving lesson... GOTTA SLEEP!
But how???
I still don't feel sleepy at all...


Happy Valentine's day everyone!!
Spread the LOVE ya'll

enjoy your moment with your loved ones!!!


PART #2_Xx

Let me tell you a lil dark secret... Okay... its not a secret anymore since im gonna post it here...

I DISLIKE Vdays...

i dislike Vdays


I kinda forgot why. But something bad is bound to happen to me on the day/eve/night before Vdays.
varies from
-losing my precious treasure
-having a problem with people I care
-something died
i never thought of it until the "bad thing" happened...
each February
each year
each valentine's day


I forgot... haha...

But hate feeling this sad...
and almost emo feeling... It's useless to be emo!!!!
USELESS i tell you!

"Is there anyone who can
break this darn curse for me?"

"Oh Prince...
when would you come and save me???"

[~Drama Queen Much!!!???? ~]


im hoping this "curse" will break soon...

I DON'T HATE Valentine's day....
I just HATE what ever it is that's making me feeling all gloomy on this day

lol... i sounded like Im desperate for help....

I AM!!! **sweat drop**

Yours Truly,

**This was from my crap zone -Valentine's Edition -**


Wednesday, February 11, 2009
If I had those three wishes... 3:11 PM

I would wish...

the times when i'm with my friends will last forever...
ya... i missed those times in school when we're just doing nothing and being just plain
silly and all the time CRAP. haha

I met this one particular person sooner...
somehow this "person" gave my life much more impact than i could ever imagine. If only i
met that "person"
earlier my whole perspective of life can be change and I would actually
worked harder and
continue life with more joy and less the "emo" feel.. lol... I wanna know
more about that "person".
[ i'm not emo just emotional.. HAHA!! ]

Last wish??

Now I WISH i didn't put just THREE on the title.. haha... Well this my "current" three

And besides... you can't always have what you wished for...

moving on to my third wish...

i would wish that i get a good result in spm.. haha..

duh~~ what else would i wished for?
i hope i can get into University... where? i dunno... still in dilemma about that.. hehe
anyone wanna help me? Give me tutoringon this matter? haha...

I really hope my three wishes will come true,
Sure it sounds cliche' and stuff...
But .. it's my top most wish..[FOR NOW] hihi..

Thats all i wanna crap today...
Thank you for visiting My Crap Zone *dot* my...

Yours Truly,



Friday, February 06, 2009

remember what i wrote on my last post? lyk few hours ago? haha
its been rainism all day....
and now....
i am suffering

this is what i diagnosed as

I can't THINK!!
I can't control my emotions!!
waaaa~~~ :'(
feel like wanna scream and cry...
feel like my mind is spinning....
*why the hell did i use pink colors to write this??*


darn!! My dark chocos!! its GONE!!
Oh NO!!
My anti-depressant~~~
My "drug".... all of my stocks gone!!
who ate my chocos??

I think... i need to calm down... and breathe...

"till the morning light shines through my bedroom's window
i shall rest my heart,mind, and soul
for too much emotions has gone wild in my soul
TOO much thoughts running through my mind
and my heart is screaming for someone...
*who barely exist*
Till tomorrow come
i'll let myself be"

yours truly,
Insane Ah_lina
this was really my CRAPPIEST post


another RAINISM day... 6:59 PM


so many puddle of water+mud around my house... yeay!! lets be 3 years old again!! pull out that yellow rain coat and put on that rain boots!! haha...

i know i wrote RAINISM but im not gonna talk about Rain/Bi/korean artist... im gonna crap about how this rainy day influences me in every way possible.... hehe

first of all.. i really,really LOVE rainy days...
*well..i used to... back before i have broadband installed in my house. hehe...
second of all ... rain gives "statics" to my mood/brain.
* i would be either extremely bubbly or extremely talkative..and i keep getting all the urge to sing during a rainy day

fact #3
rainy days makes me go melancholic all of a sudden. I can make my BEST sad,mellow poetry..
thank god i don't go emo .. haha

fact #4
i feel calm just hearing the pitter pats of the rains.
MAN! i feel TOO much for rain don't I?

that's the end of my facts about how rain affect me... hehe... :)

that is all ... for today... im gonna upload some of the photoshoot i did during a rainy day in another post... till then...

yours truly...
this is my crap zone.com



Wednesday, February 04, 2009
Another Tag??? 9:30 PM

This time i've been tagged by precious Precious.. *just a play on words* hehe

without futher a due.....

A) People who have been tagged must write their answers in their blog.
B) Tag 8 people to do this quiz. (Those that are tagged cannot refuse.)
C) Continue this game by tagging 8 other people OK.

tags : Surya, Barbara, Maria, meeko, Azu.S... (can't find more people.. this will have to do..hehe)

1.What have you been doing recently?
- SuperPosting on most of the people i know on facebook

2.Do you ever turn your cell phone off?
- the cell phone has a mind of its own. It can turn off by itself. *lyk haunted this!!*

3.What happened at 10am today?
- was playing with the water in the bathroom

4.When did you last cry?
- last year..

5.Believe in fate/destiny?
- hmm.. im not sure.. i think i can change it..teeheee

6.What do you want in your life now?
- Good results for SPM.. loads of $$... i want a big brother

7.Do you carry an umbrella when it rains or just put up your hood?
- most of the time i will be soaking wet in the rain.. no umbrella,no hoodie also..

8.What's your favourite thing to do on the bed?
- draw, day dreaming, sms-ing, just enjoying my quiet room

9.What bottoms are you wearing now?
- khakis

10.What's the nicest things in your inbox?
- cute sms from my fren - "you jump from a building, i look down and say... Fuiyoo!! confirm hancur!!!" lol

11.Do you tend to make the relationship complicated?
- TOTALLY... *im not good in relationships*wink*

12.Are you wearing anything borrowed from anyone?
- nopez. wont do that unless EMERGENCIES

13.What was the last movie you caught?
- none. i watched taylor swift's love story video on youtube

14.What are you proud of?
- my cluelessness? haha.. idk..

15.What does the oldest text msg in your inbox say?
- none. i clean up my inbox just now

16.What was the last song you sang out loud?
- Paramore - Misery business

17.Do you have any nicknames?
- A LOT!!!

18.What does the newest text say?
- something bout me going out with my fren in the near future... lol

19.What time did you go to bed last night?
- 2am.

20.Are you currently happy?
- hmm.. i dont feel anyhing except boredness right now

21.Who gives you the best advice?
- people... who ever la... idk

22.Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?
- never tried it..

23.Who did you talk on the phone with last night?
- none

24.Is something bugging you now?
- YES! "what to do tmoro"

25.Who was the last person to make you laugh?
- someone i IM recently .. my lucky star.. haha

Yours Truly,
Ah_lina is Crapz.com ... <3

Tuesday, February 03, 2009
Just my way of saying... 3:11 PM


i was supposed to have my last drive session with my tutor today.
But unfortunately the tutor's car went to where "sick" cars goes to
-the workshop-
so i don't have anything else to do other than online
However.. i don't know what to write about so
here's my crap words for today

"Everyone smiled at YOU when they saw YOU
but not everybody smile whole heartedly
Everyone talks to YOU
but YOU only listens to few
Everyone kept telling YOU facts
but not all of them are true
This is just few of those things
that happens to me and YOU"

whether this is true or not. That depends on your point of view...
yessss.... YOUR point of view. Im just writing out what ever that is in my mind

from me... your's truly
*this is MY crap zone.com*


Sunday, February 01, 2009
me. Lame . com! 12:49 AM

Usually.. i will crap in a blog....
Im gonna do the same today too!!

Today i went to my driving class. OH MY GOD!!!
i sucks to the max after not touching a car for about a month!
The tutor took me to the big road...
i failed terrible in handling a car!!!
owh... i feel really bad for myself.
how can i pass the driving test???????
i shall car-napped any cars available and try to improve with that.

other than my EXTREMELY bad driving... nothing happened today..
this is all from

me. Lame . com