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Friday, July 30, 2010
So far , still nothing . 1:41 AM

Hey Hey readers !

OMG ! Its been like ages since I post an update for my blogger. Guess life , MY life is as its usual self. BORING and DULL . TRULLY BORING AND DULL .

I love my beau . Muah Muah darling. I can't believe we have been together for one year!! well , in another one week . So , I wanted to solely dedicate this post for us , you , you and yeah you again but I'll do that in another post.

Back into the life of a student. Nothing really changed. I have the same goal. A tad different attitude and well different mind set. But I'm not a believer of myself . I keep seeing myself NOT achieving stuff and so on . URGH . Being emo comes naturally to me . Being totally gay too . :P I want to change but somehow everything just went back to square one EVERY TIME . Parents are being nuisance with the constant calls but I'm gonna cut them some slack . Parents. All of them do stuff we can't comprehend in our teenage brain .


Im sorry to hear one of my friend's mother, Ika, is having a hard time right now. I didn't even know about it . I hope you stay strong with the current situation . Pray hard, God is always good. Allah will help you , your family and your mother . I'll pray for the best for your mum, hope she's get well soon . Stay strong babe.

Hurmmmm ... What else do I want to say here?????

Oh , my tumblr is on the slow-motion now. Since the internet is freaking uber ugly slow, i can't load much on tumblr. Hate that. URGH . But thank you to all followers who stayed with me through my absences. I do reblog some of the nice quotes and pictures when I have the time. I just doesn't have much time to do my own pictures/quotes and all . *sigh* I miss my lazy days . :P

YOUTUBE!! awesomely I have another few subscribers! Haha . It brings smile to my face to receive new subscriptions. I'm gonna post up me covering Justin Bieber's Baby song when I have the time to upload the video to Youtube. First , I might have to ask permission from Laura from youtube who provide the instrumental. Thank God I have her Formspring .
I shall ask later. :D Hurm . I wanted to post my own cover for Stereopony's I do It too. but I lost the mp3 for it! ! ! X.X *dies* oh wells .. adn I need a new mic-set so I can continue singing!!! hahaha. I'll wait for the money to drop from the sky before I buy these unnecessary things.

Hurm . Its 2:00AM . Im fasting tomorrow. Waking up on 5:00AM sharp. Im gonna eat maggi . TWO PACKETS . coz I know I'll be hungry tomorrow. hehhee. My boyfriend is MIA from our text-parade. Nyuuuu .. I wanna SPAM his inbox after finishing this post. HAHA

Ok people . I guess That's long enough . I bet if you really follow my blog , I keep writing the same stuff over and over. I'm not satisfied with this. My life is a stupid - very useless -rut. I need more excitement in my life. Maybe I should see ordinary things in more fun way . I must enjoy my life ba juga kan ??

WEll, adieu minna-san!!


Friday, July 09, 2010
And my Holiday ended ... 10:20 PM

this last week of my holiday I have accomplish few things. . .

1. Totally nailed YUI's intro for To Mother on guitar.
2. Watch eclipse with Xiera
3. At least met Tasha
4. Get that SPM sijil after a long time
5. Able to wear that new purple skirt I bought like two months ago . =.="
6. took nude pictures of myself. O.O! Kidding!!
7. Played full song of Hey there Delilah on guitar . Eventhough it was one strum at a time. lolx.
At least I remembered the whole chords!! >.<'
8. Able to pack my clothes all in one luggage. But have to put my shoes in other boxes. The towels in another luggage with all the crackers. And I do have a teddy bear to hug during the flight . zOMG!! 4 luggage!! ish3 . I took a lot of stuff back here. miooww
9. able to get 36 followers before I head back to KL
10. Upload pictures on flickr.

Guess that's it . Im so exited to go back to my college and I frigging don't know why . Maybe it's because I'll see new faces... or I get to socialize again ?? or maybe its because I get to see my dear dear baby over there. Woots to all reasons!!!

Ok then people!! Gotta sleep in early !

I got big day coming for me tomorrow !!

Ouh .. Im excited I think I can't sleep??? lololozzzz Love it !!!


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Ah ... Poor Germany .. 1-0 with Spain . Im in mourning mood . And If you can see my status in Facebook I'm on a status fight with my own BF . wakkaka .

He's a Spain Fan and Im on Germany side. Lolz .


So .. yeah . we're enemies tonight . Spain has finally entered Finals . First time is it? Ok I'm no good in FIFA WC history . My dad is . haha. DAMN it!! Spain won .

To Philip Lahm and Germany . You put up a good game. Though not so much pressure was put on Spain . Urgh . I wish Muller was out there tonight. Bet it could made a slight difference. But my heart saying NO. T.T

Ok .. Im back on my fight with my bf. haha. See you guys laters.

P/s:: I'm having a date with Xiera tomorrow and we gonna mourn together! Right soulmate?


Tuesday, July 06, 2010
BLogging 8:22 PM

Woot!! Im back on Blogger people!

Well for this little while ..

So ... My previous post , I said I was learning guitar? Yes? Have you read it? No?
SO .. so .. soo... Im still suck at it . lolz.

Im here to update... that when I opened up my bloger dashboard all I see was ...

OMG its been a long time since I havent post anything here or

I havent been in the mood of blogging this few days ..

Hahaha . Me too . Well . Short update! I updated my youtube! so .. yeah here's my link.


yeah . Now . I have a mission . I want to make a video me making weird stuff or doing weird stuff . This time . I WILL DO IT > . < hahahaha

Monday, July 05, 2010
Holiday is coming to an END!! 12:10 AM


Yeah , its coming to an end . Holiday . Yet, I have accomplish so little in 3 weeks of my holiday .

Hurm . I found my picture in Flickr few days ago . Gosh I looked ugly in that makeup and that curly hair . meyyhh .. Moving on . I have proudly finished my Lonely In Gorgeous Dub . and I have tried singing and playing guitar with Justin Bieber's Baby . But .. It was as Epic Failure. Hurm . Furthermore to my days of boredom... Urm.. Yeah .. New !! I got myself a guitar so I can learn to play it!! Songs I can play - But horribly of course, I still can't press the strings correctly . =.=

I'm Practicing

Plain White T - Hey there Delilah Michelle Branch - Everywhere Yui - Tokyo and I know B.O.B feat Hayley - Airplanes

I'm super Noob at guitar playing . REALLY !! I should make a random video about it so I can laugh at it . lolz

As we all know, holiday is coming to an end in One week starting tomorrow. Cleaning Up my closet, getting ready for new semester, and yeah figure out what style I'm gonna be bringing this new age. teehee. I have a lot of clothes. Seriously . My closet can't fit them all. I want to collect boots and heels. The Unique//Vintage//Old school style . Though I'm probably wont be wearing them that much if I have it . Like that 2 inch heel I bought. Which end up as a gift to my cousin. hahaha.

Me + Heels = Fall down!!

3 weeks staying home and 56 - 67 % of doing nothing still have brought no changes on my weight. Stopped at 45kg. I guess I can live with that. I have increase my weight by 3 Kg !! And I still looked like a kayu . bleghhh ..

Hurm .. Since classes gonna start, I won't be online much . I have strictly limited myself to 2-3 hours of internet surfing - mainly being in tumblr and youtube. My Formspring is a total ghost Website.. But Keeping it . :P I Love Tumblr!! Don't you?? If I want dslr, I want a 3 headed pointer. YEAH !!

And Im hungry now. Urgh .That's all for now .

Well, off to have munchies!!!