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Friday, September 24, 2010
Missing you :/ 11:06 PM

I miss YOU

the 24-hours texting

the late night calls

holding hands

your hands around me

I miss being with you

I miss US

the laughter

the long list of things we want to do

but never done it once

talking about dreams

sitting around just spending times together

I miss our times together


laughing with all of you

getting on everyone's nerve

with all the stupidity that I have

I miss being with everyone

Because its only with all of you

did I only feel alive.

So lets meet up again soon ! :P


Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Love letter :) 2:43 AM

What did I gain from being with you?

Love, happiness , joy and security.

The things I have longed from my past. You made me smile from the heart. I’m just happy to know that you are even thinking of me. I laughed so much when I am with you even though it was only a short meaningless conversation. You made my eyes go teary every time you did such small things that you didn’t even knew affects me.

Yes. You are the one person I never thought I need until the day I realized you were the first person to make me feel happy. I never felt more alive when I am with you than anyone else.

Love you always,

your love


Friday, September 10, 2010
First Day Raya 11:42 PM

Holla people! How was your first day of Raya? Was it any fun ? I hope so . :) Because I am wishing that someone out there is having more fun than me . For the first time since AGES of no rantings about my feelings... Here is my first day of raya celebration goes ..


Wake up early . Helped mum prepare foods. Met with Grandma. Went to the Graveyard. bla bla bla. Usual stuff . My dad's younger brother was the first to come over and brought his family . The other relatives were at Grandma's house next door. You can just hear all the fireworks, laughters and all sorts of noises from my Grandma's house. This is my typical average First Day celebration . Every year its the same all ruts.

What I am pissed off here is that .. the whole family excluding my family and my uncle's family who were sitting talking in the living room weren't invited to take the BOG family photo! WTF man?? Geez , have a heart would ya? I mean you can just shout form Grandma's house and call us over. Instead they leave us out . Yeah . I was sulking and pretty upset with that. Isolated . Isolation. URGH . Yes I am angry, FURIOUS at that.

Whatever .. so after that all of them went to my house as my uncle went home. Yeah, they were so many of them, the house could not fit them all . So I tried talking to some of my cousins or whatever their "pangkat" is to me. But none of them were nice enough. Everyone was talking to each other. Kids were running around the house. The elders were talking among themselves. The teenagers mingled around. And there's me, just sitting around in the crowd.. Trying to see if anyone would care to have a chat with me. Blegh . I don't hate crowds. Sometimes it makes me nervous if I can;t find someone to talk to and end up hyperventilating all of a sudden .

So my savior for the day was Rie . I thank God from the bottom of my heart that he came with ziezie, his sister.. They actually made my day a little less suffocating. Uncle Juti also came. He is a friend of my dad's. A regular visitor on the first day of raya . hehe . He gave me a little green box as a present. Its a handy box , might be useful in the future. He even played guitar for me. He was in a band in his younger days. I might just ask him to teach me to play , the next time he come to visit. SOON please . :P

So Rie and Zie2 came and stayed until one o'clock. I had fun having them as my guests. Talking craps, eating .. Thanx for coming guys! Sayang kamu sebab datang. hehe :)

At night, just few hours ago. I went to my dad's elder sisters' houses at Putatan. Wanted to take pictures of my little nieces and nephews. They are adorable and dangerous I might say . Haha. Seeing all the little children playing and just make the effort of spending time with you was unforgettable. I love my nieces and nephews, they are all very talented not to mention, smart and extroverts. hehe . Brings smile to my face.

That's all . BTW, have you guys seen my boyfriend anywhere?? The texts I sent wasn't delivered the whole day . He didn't even text me . URGH . I'm sad now. not just because he didn't text me or even bother to tell me anything. He is at camp, so I presumed that he would be busy . I am sad because I think I just lost any traces of self-confidence in my self in interacting with my cousins. I feel left out, isolated . . yada yada yada.

I am in emo mood now. Ignore.

Ok, tomorrow I will be going back to Beaufort and maybe stay overnight . I wonder if my dad lets me drive tomorrow. haha. Usually I drive halfway to Beaufort and another halfway back to KK .

Aites people. I wanna sleep now because I need to get up early in the morning.

Happy Hari Raya !!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Hey ho People. !! Its me again

The announcement has been made. its on Friday !! In advance, Im saying


honestly. If I can count the deeds I have made during this fasting month, I would say I did very little. yeah. Bak kata org , puasa kosong. haha . So the preparations so Eid is .. as usual,
mum did all the things by herself. By the time I came back home the other day, she has already finish making all the kuih muih .

I might as well pun on last's year's garments. Because my tailor had not finish sewing my clothes for raya . Mum told me to buy some of those ready made baju kurung or kebaya.
But I am very VERY cerewet la org cakap dalam bab2 pilih kain. Apparently non of the ready made clothes fits my body and my taste. Colour nda ngam lah, cutting dia x ngam la, komen kain dia nda tidak berkualiti. Yeah, I am that picky in choosing baju kurung or simple pilih kain . Hehe . So I rather wear something I feel good in than those expensive-good-for-nothing ready made. No offense, but the store I went had some weird collections. Nice , but not for me.

Another thing before raya is that, I have cut my hair. And amazingly, Ah Fung, the hairstylist, made it look like YUI's hair. Here's a picture of YUI during her short hair days..

Well , it does have the resemblances. hehe . Anyways. I can't cut my hair other than JD because every time I cut my hair somewhere else, My hair ended up looking like.. BLEGH .
So .. 3 cheers for JD for being my number one stop for hair cutting. hehe . I have YUI hair. haha . Im glotting .

SO .. what else do I need to talk about here... ?

Erm .I got a lot of houseworks to do tomorrow, so Im guessing I can't be online as much during this first week of raya . Ouh . I have to go to library and search some materials on Professional Ethics' assignment. Next week lah . HUrm .. Yeah . I think That's about it .

Nothing much to say when You are just wasting your time doing nothing . :(

Sad life? I know right??

Haha . Ok till next post. Adieu minna!!

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010
Not an Avid blogger 2:11 PM

Hey yo people.

Im sorry I am not such an avid blogger. But I just caught up with Tumblring that I have forgotten to update my blogger.

Sorry . I am M.I.A from facebook and blogger awhile. :D

BTW. if any of the 2DDA read this . Help me?

3 tajuk yg Puan Jasmin bagi hari tu untuk Folio ka presentation ??

*praying someone to answer me*

U guys balas la d FB . since i Know my navigations - the words yg ada right next to this box, no one yg notice. haha. .

Till I got time to pour my rantings and cravings down on this dusty blog of mine,