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Saturday, January 30, 2010
Capital B day... 9:30 PM


I didn't mean BIRTHDAY... I was referring to



Let's start blogging??

Im bored... Im tired.. and Im doing an essay assignment that's not mine ... english .. something about

"must an employee of an antivirus company install a different antivirus into their laptops? "

hmm .. no idea how to start the essay .. oh well .. wait till I finish blogging to do the essay .. hehe...

So today I went to Bukit Bintang with Maryssa .. It was .. like any other outing we went before except for the fact that we spent over an hour in a bookstore. It was way fun than window shopping or is it????

Too bad I didnt bring my camera.. if not .. this post will be filled with Maaryssa's pics and .. Jay would be delighted to see it. wakaka.. .No la just kidding

owh .. Im not in the mood to blog already .. I better go do the essay .. due tomorrow.. [muka selamba] Ada masa ba.. haaha.. ok ok .. gtg .. I think i'll blog again tomorrow.. Maybe.. MAYBE NOT..

till then ..




Thursday, January 21, 2010
2:59 PM

Last Tuesday was my first test of this sem. WOW. I actually really STUDY. haha.. Im so proud of myself. *pats head*

Thank God I can answer the questions but I was having a hard time doing the limiting reagent questions.. damn .. in the end .. I think I have lost an A there. Please dont go any lower than B please~~ amin.

which reminds me...
Im SERIOUSLY gonna stop online after today until the test week is over..
Will be back on CNY holidays ..
Which is 5th Feb for me!!! haha.. Im having two weeks holidays while the others start at 14th...

Not my fault the Schedual has been change so drastically after me and maryssa already booked flight tickets waaaayy earlier using the given calender before. If it was under rm50 maybe we would consider buying a new ones but .. DAMN MAHAL la!!

just imagine one way cost rm350++.....Two ways cost rm350 x 2 = rm 7oo

the new tickets cost around ...rm8oo + rm 400 = rm1200

and not to mention we burn the last year's tickets for one way to sabah ..


We lost so much money on changing tickets already!! Why on earth would I want to buy new ones now? hahaha... Blame the calender people ... tsk3..

So .. My scheduale for next week would be

26th Jan - Ukur Tanah Test 1
surely this is like on of the subjects which I hardly focused on .. We do practicals more than we read kay .. I even got sunburn on my forehead while doing the practicals.. =.=

27th Jan - Titas
Okay .. Tamadun Dunia .. wait .. what ever it is .. Its about tamadun .. And we have learned all the istilah, ciri, and in the processs of learning Tamadun Islam .. owh .. need to get the facts right. But I can manage this one .. Right? With God's will...

29th Jan - Calculus
Yeap .. This subject is all about differentiations and intergerations .. But we only focused on Differentiation this semester. Yet, it still sounds so hard .. How I miss MJ's +m3's class. SO easy .. all we do is copy2 and then send.. Life's good with LG~~ hahaha

Mechanic Dynamic's test is on 24th Feb due to the fact that me and Maryssa going home early.. Prof. Karim decided to delayed it .. We took votes. So fair and square kay people?? hehe.. :D

And that's about it .. all the Test I will go through .. Wish me luck!!


xoxo to all my lovelies ..

Hope you guys are still in good health!! hahaa

Gonna be back soon enough .. Belanja me!!


Monday, January 11, 2010
"Missing" 9:20 PM

Fuh~ I think I have finally caught a virus - SKIPPING class virus. Damn it . Need to get my head straight so I can aim my goal ! Woalawei.. teruk ni sy sikalang.. tsk3..

Ok moving on .. So many groups was created in facebook due to the recent issue on the use of Allah word by christians. All i know is .. We should pray that this issue can be solved in a PEACEFUL way.. I dont want to talk about it .. too many people has talk about it, I shall keep my thoughts to me as I am in no position to say what is right or wrong .. apa yang betul tu dtg drpada-Nya shj. . End of that.

Ok lets talk about something lively!!!

I enjoyed going to the IK camp at Port Dickson last week. The speaker was great. Sis Ei Ling was so cute. hehe.. Cute ba, miss her smile already... :/ All those talk about life and stuff really got to me. It made me think more about other stuff which I had refused to see and listen.... I guess.. I did found something special from the camp.. :3

What is it? well .. that's my small secret I wish not to share.. :)

So some of the pictures has been uploaded to my facebook account.. Feel free to click those images. Im too lazy to upload here.. Im too lazy la nowadays.. geez... Chemistry and calculus's homeworks havent even been touch ... haha put that aside and let me blog for awhile..


As the title of this post says.."Missing"

I am missing a lot of stuff.. I missed my dear darlings back at kK. I missed Ranau and the smell of my own room .. I missed the smell of the sea.. wait.. that last one was from Port Dickson trip .. Scratch that one out.. Imissed... SABAH!!! OIiiiii!! I wanna go back .. homesick ne ba sa.. ;__;

I wanna see xiera and tasha .. then I wanna hug them .. then I wanna laugh with them .. huhuuu .. *cries* sob sob .. Really miss you guys lo.. FrenSick ...

I miss my own boyfriend.. eventhough I see him like .. just now.. =.=" hehe.. :D

haish.. I need some mellow slow songs to go with this mood.. but none. oh wells ...

I WANT TO GO BACK BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA .. tapi mahal tu ticket.. bikin panas.. haha..

IM TIRED OF WAITING - yea.. the new current song people singing to .. and that title suits me so well. tired of waiting for the impossible..

oh wells.. nah . 1030 suda.. tu kerja blm siap .. better go before maryssa aka mami marah sy x pandai study .. haha.. k Nytez!!!

Ah_lina is Athung.. really !! >.

Sunday, January 03, 2010
NeW Year!!! 1:57 PM

So thinking about NEW year ..
I thought I should talk about anything new about my life etc.. bla bla bla...

Hmm .. what's new? Nothing much .. Just the plain same Old routines...bleghh~~
I want a super major rich guy to buy me all the stuff I want.. Angan2 mat jenin .... =.=

Owh .. and Rysa's birthday coming up this monday .. Still havent figured out anything to do or buy for her.. hmm .. I want to do something .. but WHAT???? Give me ideas kay people??

The other day I posted this as my facebook status..

"Twinkle, twinkle little star
the brightest one I found so far
can you hear me from up above?
I want to make a wish for my love..
Twinkle, twinkle little star
let my love shine as bright as you are... :)"

and gladly enough much people like it. haha.. Perasan? I know! and since Suzai wanted a Modified version of Baa Baa Black Sheep.... here's my version of it!!

"Baa baa black sheep
have you seen Suzai??
no sir no sir
she's at shcool ..

She's one of a kind
and one so true,
She loves white fluffy clouds
that looks like you .. :D

Hope you like it Suzai!! Some kind of new year's present for you!! :)

Moving on, I posted yet another video on youtube.. hehe.. Im too active these few days.. But the flu failed me on this one cover.. I think . But I still love it ..

Specially dedicated to my loving Gaga... Love you so much !!
Also dedicating this to all of you for always staying with me..
TQ for being my friend all this while..

Not a very good one, as always .. So what? Im not a singer.. XD

Still in the youtube topic.. my NSA Dubbing group has reshuffled the remaining dubbers..And I ended up in Buono!'s dubbing group .. Will be working with Belle.. yeay~~ *huggles*
We gonna sing together.. soon .. haha..

Hmm .. So im still waiting for YUI's new single GLORIA...I want to listen to "Muffles" . Wonderhow its gonna sound like ... And while waiting for that I went to upload some more of my crappy YUI's song cover.. hahaha.. Oh look !! there's my gaga.. haha

See?? I am too active these pass few weeks.. =.=
haha.. Im hungry lorh .. should I go down and buy food?? hmm... I think I should .. Once im finish with this blog update...

ENOUGH with the YOUTUBE updates..
lets update on my life a little... hmm...

I think im working harder to gain back my own self in studies and such nowadays.. Losing to myself is the least I wanna do ... I've been neglecting some of my own principles for the last few months.. Gotta keep my head, foot, heart . all of that in a stable condition...

I am missing Xiera and tasha,, and my lLavie , and all my friends back in kk.. Hauu~~ Didnt even met them last holiday. I will!! CNY!! hehe...

Holidays - Ive spent my Xmas holidays alone .. huhu.. then Thank god Gaga asked me out or i'll die in boredome.. then . New Year's holiday .. Spent only in the room .. bangas ni!!! hahaha.. Didnt even go out .. then .. hmmm... yeap .. That's about it.. I crapped my holidays with well .. calculus and so on .haha

Unfortunate Events - I lost my phone because of my carelessness.. Ngeh~~ But got a replacement fir my Express, its a 2700 nokia classic .. Google it if you want to see how it looks like .. 2nd Unfortunate events.. I lost my pendrive.. the 4gb pink colour one.. Owh see???? Im that careless nowadays!!!! huhuuuu.. gonna buy a new one soon... hehe.. 8gb and 4 gb...

Study life - This coming 19th I have this Chemistry test , so wont be online-ing until the test is over .. If you see me on facebook, Chase me out of there!! haha... hmmm .. Owh , and Calculus seem easy .. NOT!!! But I like dy/dx better than Limits... Need to study harder... =.=

I think the first week of test is in two weeks?? hmmm .. STudy, Study ..

*wondering what else to crap*

I need to wash my clothes ... O.O?
I want to eat... hungry owh ... havent breakfast +.+
I want my Gaga.. hehe.. He's cute.. XD
I think my new year's resolution is ... Too be a better me than last semester.

ope everything goes well .. I dont have much to talk about my life except the craps I have written just now.. Boring stuff huh? well thats about it!!!

xoxo from me,

always known as Athung
but Im always Ahlina
In my own alternate world I call myself Yoshi_mi


Saturday, January 02, 2010
2010!!! 1:37 PM

Oh we finally made it to 2010 safely!! -cries-

I bet all of you got your new year resolution set up already .. hmm .. I dont have one .. :P

Now lets review back what I have done in 2009...

I done almost nothing but something as well .. O.O?? haha.. I crapped all the way to 2010!! hihi..

I have 16 videos uploaded onto youtube - failed dubs... XD .. and here's the EPIC FAILURE DUB ..

moving on with the memory lane... i got driver's license but havent use it.. entered college.. found someone.. lost my hp... gained a new not so same one.. bored myself out most of the time...



I hope everyone enjoyed their new year celebration coz I didn't ... huhu... ok.. that's all...


hope I can writemore but I cant... Adieu~~