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Wednesday, August 05, 2009
Randomness in rain .. 2:26 PM

Its raining .....

well .. The rain stopped already .. :P

I have been thinking lately and I have found out that my english language skills are in HUGE MESS.. I cant write a proper story without retyping a whole sentence over and over.. which ends up with ::

"Do you want to save Untitle.doc?"


Argh!! Its so stressing man!! The only way I can get a GOOD sleep is by writing a story.. or sing.. which explains all the stupid foolish videos I keep putting up on my youtube account.. Depends on you whether you want to believe that or not. Not my problem ..


First of all ...
#1 Dengue

My college [or as YOU call it, hostel] has a HIGH percentage of people getting a dengue fever. Damn all the clogged drains. Majority of people who gets dengue fever are boys. I think their block got some problems.. Dont want to go there anymore.. :P

Recently a friend of mine , Lang , from Sarawak fell ill due to dengue.. So sad!! He was sick for days!! I think almost one week.. I missed him during that period of time because he always make me laugh whenever he start making jokes.. he's favorite phrase line is "cicak pun berbunyi... " XD
But he's fine now. He's recovering and start going classes already .. wee~~

2nd of all ..
#2 Mahabbah @ Hari Terbuka Kolej Siswa Jaya

Today my college will be helding an Open day until ..... [thinks] .... Oh I forgot..

From what I have heard, this is the FIRST time ever this college held this event for public. Sounds like so much fun eh? We'll see.. Im kind of doubtful because last time KSJ had organized a Car Wash Fund Raiser but NONE came to the car washing stuff.

Im hoping I can take some decent pictures so I can put it up on my blog. Its been awhile since I put up any pictures right?? Am Im suppose to be a Photo-philic. hmm.. I feel like Im not doing my part here.. XD
ALso I didn't get to join the photography club due to EXTREME well responses by all the students here. Damn!

Im doing anything for Mahabbah .. So Guess im gonna walk around and take random stupid pictures . I can see the whole thing from my room too!! XD

They say Dafi might come.. But I dont think I can trust that info .. Who cares anyway... ?

3rd of all....
#3 Dirty little secret I wanna share

Its been a LOONNG while since I talk about guys huh? Have I ever??? Oh well ..

so Just the other day.. Sunday .. I went to the Hospital Kuala Lumpur with XX#1. I went there to accompany him to see the doctor. OH MY GEE!!! The hospital was crawling with sick people. Its like being in a sardin can I tell you !! I felt sick just standing next to a person coughing his lungs out.. :O

I was scared I might get infected !! huhu.. T^T But no worries .. Im PERFECTLY fine.. I use the term perfect VERY loosly...

Aigo~~ I feel like going on a date rather than accompany him to see a doctor.. you know why? because .. while waiting for his turn to take the medicine [which took more than 1 hour.. I think ...] I ended up putting my head on his shoulder.. and he put his arm around me.. [nyaaa~]

hahaha.. yea.. that's about it.. I dont want to put in details.. ngeehehe... Oh ya!! I want my sweater back from him!! Just because my sweater is a guy's sweater , everyone wanna borrows it.. ngeh~

Jaa~ MAta AO!! OK .. ko-Q [or as you know it- Kokum] is about to start .. so Im gonna offline now.. and find the person who keeps IM me on facebook.. [the wifi here so socky until you cant even reply an IM on facebook .. Damn ''cool'' right?? NOT!!!]

p/s: I dedicated this song to all of you!! Sarangheyo~