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Saturday, August 01, 2009
August 1st!! 3:05 AM

Its the International Friendship Day !!

or at least that is what I think . Is it? o.o?

Its practically 0315am. Yea. Im still up at this late hour . I was planning to do some research on my assignment when I termelencong to come here and blog. Basically im procasinating all over again.. XD

Okay what to talk? seems like everytime I go to my friends' blog they would start of with the same line.. maybe life was too boring for us now?

Ahh.. I just heard about La Salle being shut down because of H1n1. and a lot of other schools too. Scary? I know... Here in KL the haze is ... well.. THICK. I mean, the KLCC seems to be so far away because of all the HAZY weather. Also , Im HATING JEREBU TO THE MAX because...

I've lost my voice. I LITERALLY scream my lung out to get my voice back out. And the result??
Pain in the throat. Once I can hear myself even just a bit, I quickly take the orange stuff you take when you have sore throat. - Lozenges?? think that's it. XP

0332am :: Im out of idea what to write. XD

to Chai ~ Otanjobi Omeedeto Desu!!! ~ live well!! be happy!! may Allah bless you all the way.. :)

to all of my friends.. yea :: Happy friendship day!!!!

dats all .. gonna go get some sleep before doing some hardcore reading tomorrow..

SEJARAH 13 MEI .. owh .. Im gonna fall asleep . hahaha

TO my girls GooD Morning, to the gents .. Nytezzz,,,,, [dat was lame.. pfftss]