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Sunday, July 19, 2009
Outing 1:04 AM

Once again no pictures!!!
stupid me no taking pictures. Yea I have the camera with me but I wasn't in the right mood. So sad. Owh dear blog.. you look so naked!!!

Moving on to the real thing

NSA Dubs.

I have finished my lines for NSA. Not Nur Surya A. my groupdub - NewStarsAcademy.
Yeay~ I actually have mixed down one song. [i stole other people's lines. XD]

My Next Dub -
Miku - World Is Mine
Rin - Meltdown

Im not getting good but WORSE!!! Damn. Need practices. Or just hentam2 do only lor. hahaha.
BTW.. I found one great fandubber for NSA. Actually she auditioned for it and I really liked her voice.
Wanna check her audition vid? CLICK THIS!!


Yea... So i was planning to do some reading for the next upcoming assignment [draft is due next mon - 10am] which i havent start.. AT ALL!!! Then Maryssa asked me if I wanna join her and all the others go Times Square watch Harry Potter. Pa lagi.. Procasinate lor! HARRY POTTER tue! hahaha..

Went out at 1pm something like that. took the bus and "dude" sat next to me. I feel like I talked nonsense to him. Cian him terpaksa layan me. hahaha
Then took the monorel from chowkit to Imbi. Thank God not so many people [yet]
Upon arrival all of us were looking for Glen. I knew I know Glen from somewhere turned out he was Hazel's taiko. Then I was like.. Cheeeeehhhh.... Patut macam kenal!!

The movie start at 5.30pm. So we all went jalan2 first. Ended up at the arcade. Now I know.. Daytona is very la FAMOUS here. hahaha. People actually Q up to play that game. I suX at that game already . Huhuhuu. [not memang sux from the start meh? hahaha]

OMG!! That movie is soooooo COOOOLLL!!! Im loving the awesome effect and such. Wah~ such a long time since I watch Harry Potter. Next thing I wanna do in when I go back home - CARI CD FULL HP- *laughing* But.But.But.But!! That GSC was so cold. I didnt even bring my sweater! Frozen, I tell You!!

then we all saw this one couple breaking up and Glen was imitating them. So funny la that guy!! very happening dude la. XP
I got back to my room at 1045pm. I was so scared that I could make it back before 11pm [limit]. Because the monorel was PAcKED FULL!!

It was a fun day for me. Though a bit dissapointing because I didnt get to buy that top I saw! rm19- rm25. ngeh~ i'll be here for the next 3 years. So dont mind!! hehe.. Its 2am and Im still not asleep.nya~~~~~~~~~ I wanna play DOTA!!! ui, kaC pinjam sa tu game!! :(

Random Entry

More and more messages were sent
I ignore each one of them
I wanna say something
but I could find the words
And I just being ego?

More and More
I feel Im drifting away
more and more
I feel I should have said something

but it hits me
the speechlessness
thats why im ignoring you