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Sunday, July 26, 2009
Lukisan, owh Lukisan 2:31 AM

Finally.. owh finally i finish it!! Well more like asking other people to finish it for me..

Im talking about my Lukisan Kejuruteraan .. I know I can draw.. But technical ones are just so different people!! I thought it was easy .. oh so NOT!!!

hehe..wanna know??

Just the other night me and maryssa planned to stay up to do the whole lukisan thing. But we ended up sleeping. haha. Slept at 2AM and woke up at 1030am. Then before having bath and breakfast, both of us was talking crap . We wanted to go out. but then TOO LAZY.
Took bath and then continue doing LK which I cant do at all . HAHAHAHA
I went to sms dude while waiting for maryssa finish her bath. Suddenly after talking to him I can do 5 of the easiest Q in the paper. wah~ I do LK on my own .. terer o sa. wakaka

Its wayyyyyy past breakfast-brunch-lunch ..

me : Ui, blm makan ni kita. ko nda lapar???
mary: haha. ya ba. ba mari turun cafe
me : ee malaaaasss..
mary : *laughing* Ui jalan kita. p shopping. [totally kidding]
me : ba. p sana TS kita. Midvalley ka. hahahaha

As i Said before we were TOO LAZY to do anything. And the lukisan also - STUCK/GANTUNG!!!
we were just playing around with the whole Jalan thing. We were so ready [kunun] wanna go down cafe
then... Suddenly I just say ...

Me: marila.. kita p jaya jusco. hahaha
mary : ba marila
me: ba.kita makan di luar la. hehe
mary : ui ko biar betul ba!
me: ya la . boring ni dalam bilik satu hari . [its around 230pm when we talk about this]

the conversation was too long. Hehe. So .. CUT-SHORT::

We SUDDENLY went out to Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju. For the sake of Going out. hahaha
The taxi cost us RM3.50 one way . And we went to EVERY SHOP in that complex. I bought a pencil and more paper A3 for lukisan . So many sale nowadays. Bata, winter time. Name it- sure got one!

Guess what we ate?

Lasagna n pasta - delifrance - RM43.00

haha. yea. its that expensive. the FREE FLOW root beer is sooo X sadap!!
and I ordered my Delifrance-pasta-nightmare without realizing it. PASTA SAUSAGES.

Its a pasta+a bread+olive oil+sausages.. THE WORST PASTA I EVER TASTE

Its the one I ordered when I was outing with the girls. I swore i never eat it again . but carelessness fails me. I did ordered it. But its kinda Okay this time around because I mixed it with maryssa's lasagna. hahaha.

Then wanna find KFC because dude wanted it [me belanja] but couldn't find it. We round2 all throughout the groundfloor. But couldn't find one. so I ended up giving him McD. hahaha

Just when maryssa and me got into the taxi - There it is!!! - KFC!!! Right below F.O.S!! How the crap did we missed it??? oh well, not his luck lor. have to eat mcD. He say not mengenyangkan~ Cian . sapa suruh x makan nasi tadi . ahahha.

[8.30pm- 0100am]
mary and me were at block C. both of us need help doing LK. who did we turned to ?? Dude! haha. He do the homework for me while I talk with glen - [one of the cool guys i ever met. Eventhough people keep telling me he's byk mulut - suka cakap ja ni . ahhaha / Budak lasalle this guy. Think you guys from 2006's punya batch know this guy.. I THINK ] . I think I sponsored the food for tonight. Fries + mr.potato.. + mcD .. hmmm.. Im so generous. hahah. NOT!! Glen took the fries. hehe. Wah~ I feel so pampered tonight. Dont ask why ... hehe.. :P

So finish the whole thing at one oclock just now. And its 311am right now. wah~ I need to go to sleep . Tomorrow I MIGHT be joining this whole perjumpaan budak2 borneo at PJ [for the whole KL Uni]. yea. Putrajaya la dat kan? Got other PJ here in KL?? Argh ~ What ever la. Im too bored to stay in my room all day. better do some sight seeing. Right? Can meet all the Sabah Sarawak people again . hehe. yea. Going lar tomorrrow, even if Im gonna go alone since majority Sabah Sarawak here nonmuslim [they go church on sunday ~ IM alone!!! ] Aaa~~ Sleepy.. ok...
.Nytez~~ ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz