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Sunday, July 26, 2009
Hantu Ambulans 5:08 PM

At 9.30am I was still in bed. Eventhough there was a MARSIS meeting at 10am. hahaha. i only got up when both maryssa and Dude sms-ed me. So I was rushing after that. 10.15am- the person sms me already "mana sudah tu? Im here already...".
So I Just quickly towel dry my hair and went downstairs just to find only me and bukhari[€coursemate from sabah ] was the only ones who came. DAMN.

Perjumpaan @ PJ - 12pm - Go there by your own . that was the info the Abg gave. WTH?? Go by our own money??? They said that a bus wil be provided. In the end.. all of us .. Sabahan n Sarawakians didnt go to the perjumpaan at PJ . Wee~~ Wanna know what happen next??

went to see Hantu Ambulans with Dude. Yeap! just him...Please dont be the 10th person teliing me Im on a date. Aww~
Moving on .. Its the CRAPIEST ghost story. I didnt watch the whole thing because Im too scared to see the ghost. hahaha. All i did was...hide behind dude.. =.=" I thank you for your patience with me.. hahaha. Did u know? he has the nicest colonge smell .. I knew because I borrowed his jacket .. it smelled so familiar.. hmm.. lupakan~~

but i ruined his jacket by spilling half of the popcorn. :O

[no~~ dont you dare say anything.. ]...

Im a careless-clueless-scarDcat person... damn me... Here's some pictures I took .. few days ago.. hehe.. not few days.. last 2 weeks i think . hehe

Random love song By maria Leong. She has a wonderful voice and her songs are always fun to hear.
this is Maryssa watching her video oh so pationately.. XD
and here we can see she's using my laptop to online. If you think Im not replying your YM and MSN - Other people is using my laptop .. Dah biasa la tu..n :P
Btw, she's msging her Bf dat. kan mar? ahaha

Maryssa looking at her facebook
"so boringgg~~"

"no one online~~"

I took a lot of her pictures. hahaha. Jadi my model x rasmi . Okai !! thats all i wanna share with you today. Gonna go bath and go downstairs to block C afterward. Study Group for LK/HE/Trigo/phys.
Cya!! Take care people.!!!