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Monday, October 18, 2010
Its like a mountain to bear.. 5:03 PM

I have finished watching K-ON!! season one and two !! It was fun to watch go try !! :)

--Hey people.. *insert some LOOOOOOONG TIRED sigh here*

It must have been like a month since my last update nee?
Geez, if only you guys know the amount of work load I am having in the past few weeks. With all the quizzes, tests, and assignments. not forgetting the presentations we have to prepare for .

Hurm . Lets review. My etika presentation was a total freak show. Why? It all started with a group from the other courses in the class . They were talking about ethics in medical field.. which was the same as my group's presentation. hurm .. long story short, the presentation slide looks weird on the screen with all the letters were close to each other with no space and hard to read. We kinda blurted out anything we think we knew about the topics. argh . We shouldn't do the presentation that day . haha .

Then moving on . We have this short field trip to a Surveying Firm, FELDA. We were supposed to interview this En.Ghafar but didn't quite do it well too . Just asked about the stuff needed in the assignment and left. haahaa.

Bottom line story is .. Be well prepared the next time COMMUNICATION-related assignment is up .

Life here is boring as hell . Urgh everyday is like .. "Study for this test tomorrow" or "we got to finish this assignment tonight" ... Im tired just hearing all the test and quizzes the lecturers prepared for us here. Ouh . I have this mechanics of materials quiz tomorrow . Did I mentioned I did terribly bad on the quiz and test?? Geez. Hate that subject now. Gotta prepare for the exam which is in another two weeks!! ! OMO!!!

SO .. here is the main point of this post .


I need around 7 people . Please recommend your friends who is doing dubbing to this project. Its only one shot. so .. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE

All the information needed is in the video and the description box . :)
Do visit my page in Youtube.

That's all I think . Tired now . Gotta go study after doing the laundry later. :(
Adios minna!