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Wednesday, October 06, 2010
10:25 PM

5th October 2010 *late post*

Well .. a lot had happened today . Our campus had organized an Eid luncheon for all the UTM students. It was fun . With the short performances and great foods. Too bad I didn’t go. I wanted to go but my other friends decided that it was much more fun to go back to hostel and rest.

I went wondering around campus while waiting for the event to start off. I put my YUI playlist on shuffle while walking without any purpose. Sounds so mo-moish right? Haha. Well kinda . Sort of . Maybe?

So I found out where was the store and equipment room were. Also I found the architecture’s atelier . I saw a lot of interesting stuff but I didn’t have the guts to go in because I saw few, maybe, first year students inside..

Which reminds me. . . There is this one VERY CUTE Sarawakian boy , junior of course, that we thought was a bit of a shy person . He didn’t look at any of us , namely me and rysa whenever he bump in to us. So just now, when I saw him , unexpectedly, I said Hello to him . and to my – US – surprise he hello-ed me back !! WooHoo! Is it a sign that he is opening up to me ? I mean , he is shy ..Its kinda bikin geram to see him like that. I wish he was a bit more friendly and I intend to make it so .

Second thing which happened was during the ride back to hostel this evening. Bubu, one of my coursemate, asked for Duit Raya from me . It was a joke . He was putting his hand out in front of me. So Instinctively I gave him a quick pass. His friends and him were shocked. When I looked back at them, with the weird shocked face, I immediately feel guilty.  Not satisfied with the situation, I asked Bubu why did they made those shocked expression. He didn’t say anything . But Hakim told me that he is not used to being touch by girls. Once again I feel that icky feeling in my stomach .


And just now. I went down to friend my boyfriend to go to eat dinner. But along the way to the flat, we were joking about eating KFC. I joked around and dare him, if he can stop a taxi in 2minutes I will treat him just that. OMG! A taxi stopped right in front of me as I finished saying it to him!! And we went to KFC. In my normal baju rumah as u say it. Haha . But it was fun . I get to spend some quality time with him eventhough it was short .
Everything happened today was really unexpected . I was a little bit mo-mo-ish earlier today . But thanks to these people , they made me smile . Especially him . 
Oh . and I am really REALLY sorry about that pass just now Bubu!!!
Laughing and smilling ,

Ah_Lin CyRw™©