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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Hey ho People. !! Its me again

The announcement has been made. its on Friday !! In advance, Im saying


honestly. If I can count the deeds I have made during this fasting month, I would say I did very little. yeah. Bak kata org , puasa kosong. haha . So the preparations so Eid is .. as usual,
mum did all the things by herself. By the time I came back home the other day, she has already finish making all the kuih muih .

I might as well pun on last's year's garments. Because my tailor had not finish sewing my clothes for raya . Mum told me to buy some of those ready made baju kurung or kebaya.
But I am very VERY cerewet la org cakap dalam bab2 pilih kain. Apparently non of the ready made clothes fits my body and my taste. Colour nda ngam lah, cutting dia x ngam la, komen kain dia nda tidak berkualiti. Yeah, I am that picky in choosing baju kurung or simple pilih kain . Hehe . So I rather wear something I feel good in than those expensive-good-for-nothing ready made. No offense, but the store I went had some weird collections. Nice , but not for me.

Another thing before raya is that, I have cut my hair. And amazingly, Ah Fung, the hairstylist, made it look like YUI's hair. Here's a picture of YUI during her short hair days..

Well , it does have the resemblances. hehe . Anyways. I can't cut my hair other than JD because every time I cut my hair somewhere else, My hair ended up looking like.. BLEGH .
So .. 3 cheers for JD for being my number one stop for hair cutting. hehe . I have YUI hair. haha . Im glotting .

SO .. what else do I need to talk about here... ?

Erm .I got a lot of houseworks to do tomorrow, so Im guessing I can't be online as much during this first week of raya . Ouh . I have to go to library and search some materials on Professional Ethics' assignment. Next week lah . HUrm .. Yeah . I think That's about it .

Nothing much to say when You are just wasting your time doing nothing . :(

Sad life? I know right??

Haha . Ok till next post. Adieu minna!!

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