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Friday, July 30, 2010
So far , still nothing . 1:41 AM

Hey Hey readers !

OMG ! Its been like ages since I post an update for my blogger. Guess life , MY life is as its usual self. BORING and DULL . TRULLY BORING AND DULL .

I love my beau . Muah Muah darling. I can't believe we have been together for one year!! well , in another one week . So , I wanted to solely dedicate this post for us , you , you and yeah you again but I'll do that in another post.

Back into the life of a student. Nothing really changed. I have the same goal. A tad different attitude and well different mind set. But I'm not a believer of myself . I keep seeing myself NOT achieving stuff and so on . URGH . Being emo comes naturally to me . Being totally gay too . :P I want to change but somehow everything just went back to square one EVERY TIME . Parents are being nuisance with the constant calls but I'm gonna cut them some slack . Parents. All of them do stuff we can't comprehend in our teenage brain .


Im sorry to hear one of my friend's mother, Ika, is having a hard time right now. I didn't even know about it . I hope you stay strong with the current situation . Pray hard, God is always good. Allah will help you , your family and your mother . I'll pray for the best for your mum, hope she's get well soon . Stay strong babe.

Hurmmmm ... What else do I want to say here?????

Oh , my tumblr is on the slow-motion now. Since the internet is freaking uber ugly slow, i can't load much on tumblr. Hate that. URGH . But thank you to all followers who stayed with me through my absences. I do reblog some of the nice quotes and pictures when I have the time. I just doesn't have much time to do my own pictures/quotes and all . *sigh* I miss my lazy days . :P

YOUTUBE!! awesomely I have another few subscribers! Haha . It brings smile to my face to receive new subscriptions. I'm gonna post up me covering Justin Bieber's Baby song when I have the time to upload the video to Youtube. First , I might have to ask permission from Laura from youtube who provide the instrumental. Thank God I have her Formspring .
I shall ask later. :D Hurm . I wanted to post my own cover for Stereopony's I do It too. but I lost the mp3 for it! ! ! X.X *dies* oh wells .. adn I need a new mic-set so I can continue singing!!! hahaha. I'll wait for the money to drop from the sky before I buy these unnecessary things.

Hurm . Its 2:00AM . Im fasting tomorrow. Waking up on 5:00AM sharp. Im gonna eat maggi . TWO PACKETS . coz I know I'll be hungry tomorrow. hehhee. My boyfriend is MIA from our text-parade. Nyuuuu .. I wanna SPAM his inbox after finishing this post. HAHA

Ok people . I guess That's long enough . I bet if you really follow my blog , I keep writing the same stuff over and over. I'm not satisfied with this. My life is a stupid - very useless -rut. I need more excitement in my life. Maybe I should see ordinary things in more fun way . I must enjoy my life ba juga kan ??

WEll, adieu minna-san!!