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Monday, July 05, 2010
Holiday is coming to an END!! 12:10 AM


Yeah , its coming to an end . Holiday . Yet, I have accomplish so little in 3 weeks of my holiday .

Hurm . I found my picture in Flickr few days ago . Gosh I looked ugly in that makeup and that curly hair . meyyhh .. Moving on . I have proudly finished my Lonely In Gorgeous Dub . and I have tried singing and playing guitar with Justin Bieber's Baby . But .. It was as Epic Failure. Hurm . Furthermore to my days of boredom... Urm.. Yeah .. New !! I got myself a guitar so I can learn to play it!! Songs I can play - But horribly of course, I still can't press the strings correctly . =.=

I'm Practicing

Plain White T - Hey there Delilah Michelle Branch - Everywhere Yui - Tokyo and I know B.O.B feat Hayley - Airplanes

I'm super Noob at guitar playing . REALLY !! I should make a random video about it so I can laugh at it . lolz

As we all know, holiday is coming to an end in One week starting tomorrow. Cleaning Up my closet, getting ready for new semester, and yeah figure out what style I'm gonna be bringing this new age. teehee. I have a lot of clothes. Seriously . My closet can't fit them all. I want to collect boots and heels. The Unique//Vintage//Old school style . Though I'm probably wont be wearing them that much if I have it . Like that 2 inch heel I bought. Which end up as a gift to my cousin. hahaha.

Me + Heels = Fall down!!

3 weeks staying home and 56 - 67 % of doing nothing still have brought no changes on my weight. Stopped at 45kg. I guess I can live with that. I have increase my weight by 3 Kg !! And I still looked like a kayu . bleghhh ..

Hurm .. Since classes gonna start, I won't be online much . I have strictly limited myself to 2-3 hours of internet surfing - mainly being in tumblr and youtube. My Formspring is a total ghost Website.. But Keeping it . :P I Love Tumblr!! Don't you?? If I want dslr, I want a 3 headed pointer. YEAH !!

And Im hungry now. Urgh .That's all for now .

Well, off to have munchies!!!