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Friday, July 09, 2010
And my Holiday ended ... 10:20 PM

this last week of my holiday I have accomplish few things. . .

1. Totally nailed YUI's intro for To Mother on guitar.
2. Watch eclipse with Xiera
3. At least met Tasha
4. Get that SPM sijil after a long time
5. Able to wear that new purple skirt I bought like two months ago . =.="
6. took nude pictures of myself. O.O! Kidding!!
7. Played full song of Hey there Delilah on guitar . Eventhough it was one strum at a time. lolx.
At least I remembered the whole chords!! >.<'
8. Able to pack my clothes all in one luggage. But have to put my shoes in other boxes. The towels in another luggage with all the crackers. And I do have a teddy bear to hug during the flight . zOMG!! 4 luggage!! ish3 . I took a lot of stuff back here. miooww
9. able to get 36 followers before I head back to KL
10. Upload pictures on flickr.

Guess that's it . Im so exited to go back to my college and I frigging don't know why . Maybe it's because I'll see new faces... or I get to socialize again ?? or maybe its because I get to see my dear dear baby over there. Woots to all reasons!!!

Ok then people!! Gotta sleep in early !

I got big day coming for me tomorrow !!

Ouh .. Im excited I think I can't sleep??? lololozzzz Love it !!!