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Wednesday, June 09, 2010
What do Boys really like in a girl??? 4:35 PM

What do Boys really like in a girl???

To girls out there who still thinks that guys loves Skinny-type of girls and all that crap. Get Your facts right!! Major facts girls get wrong about!!

1. Boys actually would really like a girl with some meat on them.

Yes.Yes. Just because boys constantly looking skinny girls wearing some hot sexy apparel doesn’t mean they like them. I personally think that they was just looking at their appearance. Hot sexy! Who wouldn’t look? haha. Even I look. Too skinny is [to them] are YUCKY.

2. Boys prefer girls who eats

What? What are you doing just ordering nuggets at McD while you are actually starving?? Be done with the DIET excuse! Go buy that Double Cheese Burger you want! Boys likes to eat and enjoy food!! Seeing a girl who is not ashamed to eat whatever she likes is something interesting. Besides, seeing you eating only salad while he’s stuffing he’s face with that Big Mc, is kinda weird and he would feel sorry for you. “Why is she’s eating so little? Is she’s saving money??” - well that was what one of my boys told me. BUT do behave like a girl !! Don’t over do it, trying to be one of the guys and start stuffing foods like he does. [IF he does it]

3. Boys prefer girls with high heels and all dress up??

Depends on the Boy’s likings. But from my own experience, Boys likes a girl who can dress up nicely and accordingly. Not to much, but something nice. FOOTWEAR - If you thought putting up with 3-inch high heels would impress him, think again. He would be annoyed everytime you stopped him because your heels are hurting you. I personally suggest you to put on sneakers as that would be comfortable to walk in. CLOTHES - Boys loves to see a girl wearing a mini skirt and those hot tops . Yes they do. But if your not comfortable wearing it, he would be uncomfortable seeing you in it too. well. the point is, wear something you are comfortable in, and not trying to impress them with the outrageous looks. If he doesn’t like you, he doesn’t like you. No matter what you put on.

4. Just because they are the GUYS ..

doesn’t mean it would always be them to do the first move, pay the bills, drive you around. You can do it to you know? I think sometimes even the Boys are tired of being the one doing all of that. We need to share the suffering of the boys are having too. Who’s with me? No one? oh wells..

Well I think that’s the few MAJOR facts I can get around on this one shot post. If a girl ever come up to me and say “Im afraid he thinks im fat!!” or “Should I wear something sexy to get his eyes??” I’ll throw my pillow at you. Seriously.

P/s: for the boys who read this post, you have every right to agree and disagree anything I said just now. If you think its not true, reblog with the real facts.. ?

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