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Saturday, June 12, 2010
1:12 PM

Well .. Another test is coming on monday .

The awesome delayed TEST 1!!

And did I studied?? Hella haven't . No surprise. But .. I will soon . And this time I am gonna work my way HARD to actually answer everything correct. Because my Test 2 suX like yeah. Which reminds me. I saw this scene in a Korean movie . Where the teachers told the student to always say this one phrase before starting an mathematical involve exam.


I did that during my mechanics of dynamics exam and I passed!! PASS .. Not that I didn't do any mistakes but at least I passed it ..Since my subject are mostly calculations I did that to every other paper, and I passed every one of them. But I forgot to do that during my calculus exam and I failed?? DARN IT Superstitious much??? lolz.

Well, I am going to sleep over at Surya's place tonight . Maybe . IDK . I'm waiting for the any sign of her replying me.. She went to PJ with her friend.. Waiting for her to come back .

And Mimich already back to KK . I envy her. YES! haha. I wanna go back . I wanna travel back using AirBus!! Boeing triple 7?? err.. I forgot .. *google it* yeah the triple 7 Boeing!!

moving on to heavier [much more crapier] topic

My headset is DEAD as those people underground. Not working at all just when I think Im gonna record something . damn . URGH . OK . got test and exams . Maybe its good. haha .

Well enough of me crapping here. lolz.