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Friday, June 04, 2010
Lame 6:10 PM

Everything is uber boring for me nowadays . hurmm .. > <*

So I decided to make some plans .

Plan A : Watch Anime.

Im almost done with naruto shippuden's series .. and im trying to download the movie as well . Well, I can't really say "trying" ... Wanting to download to movie is more like it .. Nyah , I want my bf do it for me . Im lazy. :D Life will be easier . Now that i mentioned him, He's been really ignoring my texts these few days . =.=*
I secretly thinks that im turning into Shikamaru . Everything seems ... troublesome .
The constant calls from parents asking ridiculously same questions everyday . haiya . leave me some space to breathe why dont cha? ya da ya da ..

Plan B : Getting rid of unnecessary.
OK now .. let see . Not logging in to FB seems nothing . haha . Don't really care much about it now though . I just happens to be interested in making lame quotes in my Tumblr and blog-stalking everyone . haha . [Im a potentially dangerous Internet stalker . So beware of that! >:) ]

Plan C: Gaining weight. =.=
My plans on gaining some weight? Not working. None of the food can make me hungry enough to eat. Same food everyday . Eggs. Rice. ya . that's about it . Haha . Im picky nowadays . And I have no idea where did this biceps came from . I don't even go to gym as much as I do last semester.

Plan D : Youtube Link Flood .
Well .. I have few projects to finish . Spica by Miku was totally abandoned due to the fact I can't sing the chorus just right . Then there is this Toeto Youtube's Chorus thing that I've been wanting to participate.. Not gonna upload it until that thing really went official . haha .
And I have sent my Chobit's Let me be with you to another Youtube Chorus like project. Its basically just gathering some people singing the same songs . That's all .

And I am thinking off doing a cover on She was Mine by AJ Rafael & Jesse Barrera . I have terrible English singing pronunciation . lolz . I can't singing much now after the terrible cough too . urgh .. Nothing in my plans seems worth my time anymore.

Plan E : Get a 4 flat in my subject.
The only option left for me to kill off this boredom of mine . haha .

guess Im just a bored person . nyaaaaaaaaaaa~~ Suman na people bored you with my totally boring blog posts and lame quotes in Tumblr. huu ..

that's all !! Bye Bye!!

P/s: Do you know I have changed my tumblr's link ?? it is now ..