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Thursday, June 10, 2010
Eat more! 2:50 PM

Yeah .. i need to eat more. I should not be picky about food here but can you blame me for not having a variety of foods to choose from ?? Everyday would be Nasi Goreng this, Nasi Goreng that... I'm trying to gain weight, NOT cholesterol or heart diseases.. Gaining weight through the healthy way . But McD, KFC, Pizza and all that is still gonna be in my list of foods. hahahaha!! Besides, boring la mau makan nasi goreng jak ari2. Matai la sia. High blood pressure at the end of the day. haha

So this is what happened during lunch today . All the guys [I am the only girl in the class sadly] were ordering Chicken Chop, some Beef Chop? . When the food came to our table, all the guys were eating the big chunk of chicken and beef.. while I only managed to get myself some white rice and a small chunk of fish . Ikan rebus!!

don't blame me carving for it,KL is not a place where you can eat fish everyday without paying a ridiculous price.. for one small fish!
Well, its a decent fish from the sea and not just Ikan keli or other Ikan air tawar.. bleghh that . kinda hate it due to bad experience and bad cooking . haha.

Back to the story..
When I returned to the table, all the boys were staring at my food . "I am NOT dieting!!" . I actually shout it out . O_O . I was still full from my breakfast , which I took only two hours before. I just gotta let it out here and state I AM NOT ON DIET . I just ran out of foods I want to eat. Roti canai sound nice right now. Blegh , constant hunger! I'm a vampire! :P

Well .. I have decided few things to ensure I can gain weight.
1. eat more meat and chicken . Eventhough it wont be that tasty like KFC
2. Eat McD more? nah .. sticking to eating more rice. better. healthier.
3. Eat 3 meals per day . And take snacks in between.
4. Take more chocolate. Teehee. But need to brush teeth even more often ! :P

I wish there are articles about Gaining Weight featured on Yahoo . Right cassie?? we people need that. hahaha . But I really think you gonna gain more weight in aussie. jk .. kinda.. teehee :P

That's about it for today's life update. Just finished two chunks of kit kat and now I'm gonna take a nap now...

But before I go .. here's a shout out to Shazreen!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Have a great day today because it's YOUR special day!! May God always be with you. . . c:

Sorry I crashed your cake. hehe