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Saturday, May 29, 2010
Sickness Requiem 11:04 AM

haha . Lame title for daily blog review. Lolz.

Before I rant my daily sickness diary , I wanna say this again .


the only thing I keep alive is my Tumblr and blogger . that's all . On with the rants!!


Parents came to KL and now people gonna think im having this death sickness of some sort . huhu . Ok so I woke up this morning and was forced to go to a clinic with parents. And as I , me , myself have been telling my parents like hella hundreds of times , Im practically fine only slight core throat and flu . Geez . They should trust my doctor instinct's too you know. hahah . The sad thing is , I can only eat porridge and breads only . huhu . And after that 3 days of high fever, I lost another great deal of weight . O.O !!!

First when I lost weight, I can fit into my 5 years ago jeans perfectly. Now .. after the high fever.. I can drowned myself in the jeans . It became baggy !!! GAH !!! Im turning into a skeleton !!!! eat more ! OMG Cassie Ashley !! now BOTH of us really need to gain weight!! hahaha .. ok ok .. adieu for now ..

That polaramine starting to give me sleepy heads. hehe .. Nites2 ..