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Monday, May 10, 2010
My one week in Sabah 8:31 PM

Sabah ..
Home sweet home ..
[but really the droughts are like UberMajor HOT]

Nevertheless its still my hometown . So I have two weeks off before the Short Semester starts. But one week of that was wasted in KL. Parents decided they want to go shopping here after I check out of the hostel . So yeah . a week of precious time was WASTED in KL which I practically live nowadays .

So .. the best part of staying one week in KL? I dont shop much now . Im just aiming for that Padini Authentics' Sweater. buy me the blue color one!! teehee~ I still havent get it .. =.=" for one week we just round2 the Jln. TAR area . boredome!!

After the drasticly dramatic COLDNIGHTS, im finally home!! Here is the kronologi what I did from the day i came to the day im out of the house again .

Thursday's Night
I came back .. then head to my room . bath and clean up my room then sleep .

Nothing much . Just stayed home . Online and started the Kyo Kara Maoh's 3rd Season's download marathon. Started from episode 91 until 117 . 26 episodes to be downloaded . But today's internet didnt not allow me to download anymore that 2 episodes . 24 to go!

I decided I wanted to go to my mum office and get a little bit if fresh air . Brought my lappy along . and watch the 10 episodes of KKM i have downloaded before . The ending of 2nd Season . sad sad!!
Nothing much , just a day in air-conditioned room watching anime . Cool huh?

Saturday .
Tasha came to my house today !! Yeay ~ some sister bonding time!! We just catch up on each other lives . And watched few movies .

This is a day which I completely forgot what I do . haha . Maybe I was downloading whole day . Maybe . AMNESIA DAY !! HAHAHA!!

I went out with .. Xiera and Mai . Jadi pasu bunga . haha . I went to my mum's office in the morning . Had breakfast with her and her work-mate. Had a little chat with them and watched KKM until Xiera and Mai came to pick me up . Then we went out to servay out for my Dudu's birthday present . I saw one white sweater in EX shop @ Warisan Square that he MIGHT like . Maybe not .. =.=" I have no idea how he's style is .. I just prefer him wearing something with collar, looks soo HIGHLY smart!!

Went to mum's office . AGAIN ! But its in the afternoon . hehe . Planned a sudden hang out session with Maryssa . We were talking and tasting Secret Recipe's cakes when Jay texted her and well he was being suspicious . I bet he was around so did Maryssa . HAHA . he asked her to find him fake flowers in Just for you . turns out he was hiding near by !! Jay , memang ko funny la! haha
And then me, Rysa, Jay round2 cp . Try and be artistic when we looked around the Arts Exhibition in the middle of Palm Square . We even went to Daiso to fool around . =D Best Day guys!! And I left early because .. x mok jadi pasu bunga looorh . ahahha

Thursday !!!
Today is the big day for my Dud!!! yeay ! He's turning 19 !!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY love , I will LAUGH you always!! heheheheheeh

and so ... Xie was so generous to fetch me at my mum's office and later fetch Dud near the Town's Libraby . Here's the funny thing - I bought Xie an EasyWay's Milky tea.. Which I dropped earlier infront of the counter and ended up re-ordering . hahaha. Ok That's one Milky Tea accident . In the car... Xie put the drink in this place where she place her HP . without any of us realizes it, the Milky Tea split on the phone . Berenang2 sudah tu phone dalam milky tea . haha . then As Xie pulled over to fetch Dud, we cleaned up the mess. But we havent clean up the phone and Mai called her!! and she picked it up -all-wet-with milky tea, she placed the phone on her ear... hahahahaha

xie .. xie.. cubala ko lap dulu ..

well after that I bought her an Ice blended from SB for her hardwork today . Thanx for the lift!!!
and we even get to meet up with Venda while we were chatting in SB . FYI we're in CP .
Got to catch up with each other lives . and I think Venda dont know Dud is actually Christian ?
hahaha.. ok then .. Venda left for Labuan , Xie left for her chores . Left me and Dud . And we went to eat .. and then watched Iron Man 2. lastly Bought him his prezzies...

Silver and new sweater. What you have always wanted kan B ? LAUGH you again .. <3

Then It started to rain heavily !! and both me and Dud need to get back home . Called my dad to fetch me . Offered Dud a lift to the Terminal but he said no . Seems like all guys I ever met// rapat scared of him . haha . That's how today ended . I left Dud alone in the Rain . Not literally !! xD

Nothing . I just stay home .

Get together with Sharlina! The long lost one . haha. She fetch me at CP after I friend my mum to the bank . And we went 1B . Xie was there with her askar2 . And we terrorized the gift shops in 1B!
hehe . We r so fun that way. Didn't get to go pc fair after the whole terrorizing 1B. huhu . nevermind . Next time . hehe . Sorry love, couldn't find you that Bass headphone you wanted . Cari sendiri la b ah . hahaha!! > - <

Went to this wedding . the invitation was on 11am . but nothing was there . And at 12pm only the foods arrive and was served . GOSH . That was exhilirating !! and HOT ! Someone even took my picture diam2 ne . well . not just me , every girl in the place also . but .. it was a lame wedding la ..
LAMBAT ne ba .. trus pulang .. and my cousin came to my house with her mother. And here we all listened to the Family's Eco-Poli-Social story . Its funny because .. its darn ridiculous . ahha .

Monday .

Today . I am here at KSJ . being totally bored and just finished summarized my whole holiday . wah .. Im waiting for my love to call me like he promised .. LAST WEEK !! lambat 5 hari sudah ne .... you must kena saman ni Dudu . hahah..

Well ... that's all lah ...

WAIT !! Online punya things!
My aiko cover on youtube hit another number!! WOAH ! so good!
and Im trying to work on my other Dub so wait for it if your one of my few subscriber . haha
and I also made up that formspring things.

here it is . ASK ME ANYTHING . [I have haters!!! @.@ terkejut me but who cares...]

OK .. NOW im done! hehe ..

Adieu minna !!Have a great Holiday !! and Good Luck with Exams and all ..