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Saturday, May 15, 2010
Letter to Wraye 2:45 AM

Nee. Wraye . Once again I write to you . Once again I need your help, your guide.

Wraye.. I hurt him again . This time I hurt him bad. I mean really . I can't stop crying over it but even though I cried so hard. Its him who's feeling the greater grief.

"I don't know . I don't know. I don't know. "

I keep repeating the same word over and over. I have no Idea why I keep repeating that.

Maybe its true. I don't know anything . I don't know how to love someone. I don't know how to treat him nicely . I keep giving him pain . PAIN !

Im lost at words to explain this feeling . see?? Im totally out . HELP ! HELP

ARGHHHHHHHHH .. mattaku . I really cant describe anything . All I know now is my heart is beating fast. Its aching . I can hear a crack somewhere. and my brain is overloaded with question I thought I have the answers for it . ouh please Wraye.

I know it sounds over exaggerating. But that's how I feel...

"i won't cry over guys" I said it before. i said that when I realized how foolish I am too cry over something so useless. Longing for something that has not even notice my existent . Its useless.

and now he said the exact same words.

am i useless to him ? am i ? His voice over the phone was ..... enough to make my heart stop a beat.

mattakuuu ..