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Thursday, May 27, 2010
I am very sick . 10:42 AM

GaaaaRRRGGHH!! Ok since monday I have been lying down on my bed due tue high fever . I mean I can’t barely even sit up . Guess my head was too hot at that time . It continues for three days. In those 3 days I barely eat much because everything made me wanna puke and I cried every night because It was way too HOT or my head was really really dizzy . Thank God I have a very nice roomate and her friend. They took care of me for those three days .

And now . Its thursday . The high fever has already passed . even though I still have the dizziness due to all the lying down for three days . you can say I am slightly mbuk darat. Even though the fever is now gone another type of disease seems to conquer my body . EXTREME coughing which did not allowed me to sleep at night . I constantly need to sit up to stop the coughing . I can lie back down as the coughing will continue and now my throat feels like its been cut somewhere . gah .

Afer this Im gonna go out and find myself some honey to reduce this coughing . i heard it works. is it? And i need to find clean water to drink the water they provided here contains those jentik2 . EEEEEEEWWWWWWW… I think Im the only one notice it . Im gonna make a report soon enough .. I have to make sure I really saw it last night because I was half sleeping too . That’s all for now. My tumblr will have the same entry too . Ok minnasan!! adieu !!