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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hey Hey !!

Well today I am in a mood off giving out my favorite TOP website where I get my own shot of ANIME MADNESS. =D

So lets see ..

Downloading and Watching ANIME for free .. my TOP 3 List!

I usually use Realitylapse.com for downloading anime, not to mention manga and sountracks . Never failed to find the anime I want to download from here . =D

Recently too, my friend Fakhrul has introduced me to a great new website. Chia-anime.com. You can download anime, manga, soundtrack and wallpapers.. basically the same thing as RealityLapse.com offers. It has even more anime from RealityLapse, I THINK . not sure because im still sticking to the earlier. hehe .


I usually go to Crunchyroll.com . Which is a famous website for watching anime online for free. This website do let you watch anime as soon as it airs in Japan . But you have to subcribe to it and PAY ! Which is ABSOLUTE GOOD if you can afford it . But I can't . so...

NOW !! you can watch anime the same time as Japan !! HOW??
here's the links for it .. Make sure you follow the easy to follow steps carefully !

If you can't click open the links, copy the address to your browser.. =)

GUIDE on KeyHoleTV : http://xorsyst.com/japan/watch-japanese-tv-online/
Broadcasting schedule : http://animecalendar.net/

Well That's about it . My TOP 3 places to download or watch anime .. plus one . hehe .

Off to brunh now !!

Signing off now,

Tell me your favorite website to go for downloading and watching anime!! And do tell me if this post of mine helped you guys ! =D

Please leave comments down below !!

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