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Wednesday, April 07, 2010
Second Paper .. 10:42 PM

OK . I finished up the Computer-IT exam paper and was the first one to hand in the paper ..
I was not in the mood of finding the answers for the essay part . Wrote the points down and elaborate. Finished it up and went out . No meaning for me to write down stuff i THINK related to it . SO.. I went out and have a Corn Cup ! hahaha!!

Next up - Tomorrow~

TITAS - Tamadun Islam & Tamadun Asia

or as i posted in my as my fb status. "Tidak Interesting Tu Aku Tidur"-subjek .
Boring !! I Dont want to study that subject anymore. So .. here I am curi2 online in my friend's room . Away from my roomate who is currently reading the titas out loud . haha. Im searching for a piece of quiet... haha.

And today .. well .. I made him angry with me again .. about being to friendly with guys around me .. AGAIN . huhu.. Which made me even more bored with that REALLY BORING subject.

NYUUU ~~ :( I didn't even bother to ask him if he wants dinner today . He's scary when he is angry at me. I rather stay away but couldn' really do it . SO ? I asked Rudy to take him dinner . HHAHAHA..
Im TOO concern is it ? *worried*

"Love is never blind, is just that we loved too much sometimes we forget about anything else. NOT BLIND!"

Ok , guess that's about it today . Off to check out fb and ignoring those no-mutual friend request . and removing tag from few pictures my coursemate bound to tag me in . They crap a lot, you know?

Adieu for now.

P/S:: my youtube is now officially dead with no new videos .. but one thing keep going. My cover for aiko is getting more views. haha. Im bragging . sorry ~ XD