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Thursday, April 22, 2010
Resurface the past 5:52 PM

All along i have had been wondering . Why did all the guys from my past keep coming up recently?
My first love which i held on to for way too long without even having a single answer from the guy. That one guy who loved me for too long without me answering back . GOSH .

fuck it all .

I missed hanging out with my own bf.. He kept spacing out which makes me feels.. well .. alone .
he's there ... but his mind would wonder off to some planet far away .

Just got back from hp tower to send in his new lappy because the Windows crashed down . Thank fully its new so everything is like . FOC. well not really .. if you count in the amount of money we spent to get there .... that's consider as paying right??? Went Midvalley soon after because he was hungry .. so did I .

Everything cut short.. everything turned into a bore when he started his silenceness on me again . Hate that. He's sleepy . So did I but I didnt complained . I wont be seeing him for another few months after this . All I want was ..

Ngehhh ~~ This is getting Sappy ... i better gert lost now...

heart broken ! yeah .