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Friday, April 09, 2010
McD time!! 9:12 PM

When I said McD .. I meant to say this ...


Yeah .. well gonna be a short post today .
It seems like I've been online to rant about every paper Im gonna take . hehe..

McD is hard .. MS [Mechanic Static] also hard! I even have to take short sem this coming holiday because I failed at it . Darn . huhu.. And I was thinking of many things .. :(

We only have Chapter 12 13 14 15 16 17 to study .. But I can only understand Chap 12- 14 .
After that was .. *blur*blur*cries*

yeap... and I have notice that im left with rm10 in my wallet!! damn . So sad. Need to take out money tomorrow. I want to go watch movie.. But something tells me not to go . haha. I dont think there is any movie I would like to watch this time around ..

ok now im gonna go and back to cramming my brain with an empty stomach . wow. Im amazed by myself.. hopefully i still got the energy to go test tomorrow morning . XP

well that's all for now

soresore .. ADIEU!!