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Saturday, April 10, 2010
Don't guess what's the end until you can see it clearly 6:04 PM

Now with that picture Im gonna explain briefly what happened ..

starting with


Yes.. I do have tumblr for all who didn't know . But like this blog, its quite abandoned . But I talk about stuff which I didn't post here. Its more like , If I didn't post it here, I post it there.
That's all... end of that one story.


well refering to RED BOX ... here's the link. TumblrTumblTumblr
and yea.. I haven't eat since last night . I only ate one piece of bread for lunch and breakfast. GOSH . WHERE IS DUDE??? IM HUNGRY!!


Im compatible with pieces?? I don't know whether I have talk/met any Pieces today . the rest of the things in the box is OUT OF TOPIC.. this is what I wanna state out.

Mood : Exhausted : Really ! I am ! I didn't have energy before going to the exam so my friends told me I need to eat. no more Bahan bakar for my brain. So I went for a piece of bread. AND IM HUNGRY :( if that guy is not replying me any minute now .. im gonna lost my appetite.. its tiring enough waiting ... better sleep .. kan ??

well that's all ..
Im off to play Feeding Frenzy 2 in Fong Teng's lappy .. the one im using now. :)