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Sunday, April 04, 2010
Absences 2:56 AM

Hey people!! Readers!!

*echoes of silence*

Yeah .. I know my dear blog doesn’t get much of readers since the day I actually put this whole thing up. Sad isn’t it? Love you whoever still keeping up with me and my months of disappearing. haha

Story I want to tell to you guys!!

1. Classes and exams

2. New book old story

3. Being a bitch

4. New Discovery!!

“Sorry for abandoned your for so DAMN long dear blog !!

Here’s my long not so fun – bewildered – full of rants – update since.. ugh .. I forgot when I actually last updated this abandoned place I called blog.. T.T *bad bloggie me*

Classes and Exams .. Ugh.. heavy topic..

oo .. As I have always said - since my my driving license day, if you would like to know – my life is nothing but usual routines I keep getting in and out with…

Going to class is a dreadful thing each morning as I would like to sleep to my heart contents. Keeping my head in the clouds seemed to be a good idea at times. But one thing kept my head in the game . That was to redeem my lost battle against Mechanic Static in last semester . Which is why I would have to come back for my “SHORT SEM” which is .. *great grief be fall upon this cursed date* this coming holiday. Not forgetting getting a 3.0 and above pointer .. geez .. I sounded like I am one of those nerds trying so hard to get acknowledge by their grades..

*no offense to whom ever taking it offensively. swear to God I’m just bitching around with my bad mood*

Ok moving on ..

Class is one thing . Then came the Finals exams which is starting on 5th April 2010, which is next Monday!!!! Haha. Im prepared for the non calculations exams but can’t say the same for the other. XD

So after this im putting down the book and laptop to really bunker down and do all the reading and practices I actually left for the pass 24hour because I went out to have some fun and read the book I just bought.

Which brings us to statement number 2!!

New Book old Story…getting old hobby back

I finally managed to get my hands on one of those infamous story book by Cecilia Ahern – Ps: I love you.

Touching story really. I never could get my hands off of the darn book. Too good I tell you !! >.<

The story of how a dead husband helped his wife in despair with one letter at a time. How he teaches he how to move on with her life without him. Ouh ~ you know how the story goes . If you don’t , google it up ! haha

Well reading that book gives me this whole new fresh air . The kind I need after realizing my English is getting poorer by the minute because I rarely keep up the writing thing I use to had . so as you all can see read. I’m trying to write this whole post in a decent English grammar.. XD

And I finally convinced myself I’ll be doing yet another – might be abandoned- writing project of mine called..

“A Cup Of Tea For The Soul”

I kept reading those lines in the book I just could resist wanting to do a story about it. Wait till I get my hands and mind with the whole story . As usual I’ll be having my infamous Wraye character to be the main character. It will revolve around the life in one café . Somehow it reminded me off kaoru’s Cake House. Huhu.. I’ll work on the details AFTER my finals.

But I am glad that my English is back on track !! *tears of joy*

Being A BitchThis is the part where I will scold myself in the face part.

Yeah .. I think I have been a bitch to my friends back home. I rarely called them or text them . Catching up with my dear honey sweet lLavie and my once knight in shining armor - can’t tell you who but if you are a friend of mine you’ll know who it was . haha. – tells me that I haven’t been in touch much . Which made me feel very bitter . I want to be a part of their life knowing all what has been going on with them . and being there with them if they ever needed a companion to talk to . Eh, that sounded almost too cheesy for someone like me. Haha. But my friends is my ultimate gold treasure, I’ll cherish everything I ever shared with them .. and to one that I have lost?

“Happy belated birthday . Hope your enjoying your days being surrounded with people who actually really cared for you . Don’t go off wondering finding anyone like me . The kind that never returns a call or text to say hi. God bless you always . J

And not forgetting I keep making my own boyfriend sad. I mean I teased him an awful lot and forced him to pujuk me when I want to .

Sorry for keep messing with your head sweetheart!! >.<”

Love you forever if I could. Thanks for your comforts and for smiling with me . aww .. can’t get over you!! Your too kind in that kind of matter. Waitttttt… you always bullied me too!! So we are now even . haha.. gah I wished I can see the look on your face reading this little message . hihiii . I’ll post up one whole page of words for you on your birthday . Hope you get the chance to read them! I’ll save my words for the best day. I might get teary eyes from you…. Love messing with you b!! hehe

New Discovery.. Which owned me the title of being more weird

So ..what are my discoveries?? Here’s a list . Laugh if you must . Im totally being serious about it . more like of me listing out things I want to say out loud to the world. J

1. I get drunk by eating spicy food

2. Coffee only helped me sleep even better rather that keeping me awake

3. I rarely got pissed of … and when I do I throw tantrums all over

4. I love messing with my lover’s mind. Gosh that particular word seems to be all wrong . haha

5. I have finally gain my English capabilities and lost some weight subconsciously

6. I love getting his scent all over me. Reminds me of the scent of old books in the attics which can bring me to an addictiveness. Baby, your surely is my drug . <3>

7. I love the memories of being pampered by whom I once called my knight in shining armor.Just that it’s a shame I didn’t get to you before you chose to let me go . Its good seeing him with another really . Happy for you bro! Guess it was never meant to be huh?

8. Im missing my friends and felt guilty of not calling or texting them

9. Im pretty sure my “A cup of coffee” story will get around .

10. Its Easter today ! Happy Easter for those celebrating today .

11. I Hate to see those girls in my baby’s account . WERE . I think I can adjust to him being adored by girls around him. His a catch . Who could blame you for liking him? With his so call good looks and such gentle heart, he can get whom ever he chose to be . And he chose me!! Hahahah I for once think its okay for him to play and mingle with other girls because he’s mine to keep ! bwahahahahahaha he’s loyal . He wont cheat and so will I .

*im evil at times.. sorry girls*

12. I think Rudy is too cute for his own sake . haha. Sian ko slalu kena buli si rysa tau .

13. My Devilish Guardian has always been amusing person to talk to . I can play all day with him . haha. He loves getting on my nerves because it seems amusing to him. XD [no worries to my bf, you’ll always be the first one for me]

14. I don’t have much male friends that I talk to or as a friend… So to those who I believe to be my bestfriends… Hazrie and Hafiz.. Thanks for being such good friends mates!!

15. Im getting tired already .. I think im heading off to bed after trying to persuade my bf to call me .. haha. If he cant because he’s playing dota, im going to declare war with the insanely game. Hahahahhahhaha

16. Im losing my mind because of sleep deprived. Better go .

Well that’s all I can think of right now.

Till next time comes around,

Adieu from

Ahlina_ yeah im weird . haha