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Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Just something.. 7:45 PM

i did upload this one long time ago . But I deleted it and now its reUpload. yeay~
I was having flu ? XD oh wells.. Im gonna do another cover. And this time using dbsk's tea for two... yeah ~ dats ol .

And just now I went out with my uncle's family . We went dinner at SR . Gosh .. the service was horrible, I mean not totally . But the spaghetti was cold when it reached my table. I only ate half of it . and the rest was left alone to be thrown away in the back of the kitchen . I also saw this cute couple keychain. It was in the shape of a wisel . I only wanted to buy one but then again ..

rm10.90 = 1 wisel
rm10.90 = couple keychain .

I rather take the keychain . I shall buy it tomorrow . hehe . Ok . gtg . My mum is nagging me to go to bath already .

Aitz! So long for now.!!

Adieu ~

much love,
Ahlina is athung