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Monday, February 15, 2010
5:19 PM


I got nothing to do . Its monday !! and Usually I would wake up at 6am and get ready for my Ukur Tanah practical works. The class supposedly start at 7 am but we usually start at 730am. hehe..

And today...??

I was planning on going to Kundasang and have fun there but it'll be a bore if I go there alone. After asking many people, I got none, zilch, zip, friends to go . So my mum set up another plan . That is going on picnic on Tg. Aru beach . Oh wells, better than doing nothing.. sheesh...


I thought that the beach was hot.. but suprisingly it was windy ~~ wee~~ I took no pictures because I was staying under the tree hiding from the sunlight. I got tanned already !! I don't need more!! =.="

I also managed to drive the car . The DMax. I wanted to drive the car until we reach home but.. however.. hmm.. at the back . my mum was..

"jangan laju-laju" .. i wasnt even at 30km/h at all... =.=

"jaga tu kereta di depan" ... It was on the other lane.. rilex ba mummy.. =.="

"ok mau sampai jalan besar sudah stop la" ... and I kept going .. X.X!!!

and she keep repeating the same phrase.. I cant stand .. dad took over..

ngeh ~~ tmoro I'll take the car out . hehe. Im too bored at home oredy . and . sitting infornt of
the laptop playing games all days= flabs.

that's all from moi .

much love,