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Sunday, January 03, 2010
NeW Year!!! 1:57 PM

So thinking about NEW year ..
I thought I should talk about anything new about my life etc.. bla bla bla...

Hmm .. what's new? Nothing much .. Just the plain same Old routines...bleghh~~
I want a super major rich guy to buy me all the stuff I want.. Angan2 mat jenin .... =.=

Owh .. and Rysa's birthday coming up this monday .. Still havent figured out anything to do or buy for her.. hmm .. I want to do something .. but WHAT???? Give me ideas kay people??

The other day I posted this as my facebook status..

"Twinkle, twinkle little star
the brightest one I found so far
can you hear me from up above?
I want to make a wish for my love..
Twinkle, twinkle little star
let my love shine as bright as you are... :)"

and gladly enough much people like it. haha.. Perasan? I know! and since Suzai wanted a Modified version of Baa Baa Black Sheep.... here's my version of it!!

"Baa baa black sheep
have you seen Suzai??
no sir no sir
she's at shcool ..

She's one of a kind
and one so true,
She loves white fluffy clouds
that looks like you .. :D

Hope you like it Suzai!! Some kind of new year's present for you!! :)

Moving on, I posted yet another video on youtube.. hehe.. Im too active these few days.. But the flu failed me on this one cover.. I think . But I still love it ..

Specially dedicated to my loving Gaga... Love you so much !!
Also dedicating this to all of you for always staying with me..
TQ for being my friend all this while..

Not a very good one, as always .. So what? Im not a singer.. XD

Still in the youtube topic.. my NSA Dubbing group has reshuffled the remaining dubbers..And I ended up in Buono!'s dubbing group .. Will be working with Belle.. yeay~~ *huggles*
We gonna sing together.. soon .. haha..

Hmm .. So im still waiting for YUI's new single GLORIA...I want to listen to "Muffles" . Wonderhow its gonna sound like ... And while waiting for that I went to upload some more of my crappy YUI's song cover.. hahaha.. Oh look !! there's my gaga.. haha

See?? I am too active these pass few weeks.. =.=
haha.. Im hungry lorh .. should I go down and buy food?? hmm... I think I should .. Once im finish with this blog update...

ENOUGH with the YOUTUBE updates..
lets update on my life a little... hmm...

I think im working harder to gain back my own self in studies and such nowadays.. Losing to myself is the least I wanna do ... I've been neglecting some of my own principles for the last few months.. Gotta keep my head, foot, heart . all of that in a stable condition...

I am missing Xiera and tasha,, and my lLavie , and all my friends back in kk.. Hauu~~ Didnt even met them last holiday. I will!! CNY!! hehe...

Holidays - Ive spent my Xmas holidays alone .. huhu.. then Thank god Gaga asked me out or i'll die in boredome.. then . New Year's holiday .. Spent only in the room .. bangas ni!!! hahaha.. Didnt even go out .. then .. hmmm... yeap .. That's about it.. I crapped my holidays with well .. calculus and so on .haha

Unfortunate Events - I lost my phone because of my carelessness.. Ngeh~~ But got a replacement fir my Express, its a 2700 nokia classic .. Google it if you want to see how it looks like .. 2nd Unfortunate events.. I lost my pendrive.. the 4gb pink colour one.. Owh see???? Im that careless nowadays!!!! huhuuuu.. gonna buy a new one soon... hehe.. 8gb and 4 gb...

Study life - This coming 19th I have this Chemistry test , so wont be online-ing until the test is over .. If you see me on facebook, Chase me out of there!! haha... hmmm .. Owh , and Calculus seem easy .. NOT!!! But I like dy/dx better than Limits... Need to study harder... =.=

I think the first week of test is in two weeks?? hmmm .. STudy, Study ..

*wondering what else to crap*

I need to wash my clothes ... O.O?
I want to eat... hungry owh ... havent breakfast +.+
I want my Gaga.. hehe.. He's cute.. XD
I think my new year's resolution is ... Too be a better me than last semester.

ope everything goes well .. I dont have much to talk about my life except the craps I have written just now.. Boring stuff huh? well thats about it!!!

xoxo from me,

always known as Athung
but Im always Ahlina
In my own alternate world I call myself Yoshi_mi