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Monday, January 11, 2010
"Missing" 9:20 PM

Fuh~ I think I have finally caught a virus - SKIPPING class virus. Damn it . Need to get my head straight so I can aim my goal ! Woalawei.. teruk ni sy sikalang.. tsk3..

Ok moving on .. So many groups was created in facebook due to the recent issue on the use of Allah word by christians. All i know is .. We should pray that this issue can be solved in a PEACEFUL way.. I dont want to talk about it .. too many people has talk about it, I shall keep my thoughts to me as I am in no position to say what is right or wrong .. apa yang betul tu dtg drpada-Nya shj. . End of that.

Ok lets talk about something lively!!!

I enjoyed going to the IK camp at Port Dickson last week. The speaker was great. Sis Ei Ling was so cute. hehe.. Cute ba, miss her smile already... :/ All those talk about life and stuff really got to me. It made me think more about other stuff which I had refused to see and listen.... I guess.. I did found something special from the camp.. :3

What is it? well .. that's my small secret I wish not to share.. :)

So some of the pictures has been uploaded to my facebook account.. Feel free to click those images. Im too lazy to upload here.. Im too lazy la nowadays.. geez... Chemistry and calculus's homeworks havent even been touch ... haha put that aside and let me blog for awhile..


As the title of this post says.."Missing"

I am missing a lot of stuff.. I missed my dear darlings back at kK. I missed Ranau and the smell of my own room .. I missed the smell of the sea.. wait.. that last one was from Port Dickson trip .. Scratch that one out.. Imissed... SABAH!!! OIiiiii!! I wanna go back .. homesick ne ba sa.. ;__;

I wanna see xiera and tasha .. then I wanna hug them .. then I wanna laugh with them .. huhuuu .. *cries* sob sob .. Really miss you guys lo.. FrenSick ...

I miss my own boyfriend.. eventhough I see him like .. just now.. =.=" hehe.. :D

haish.. I need some mellow slow songs to go with this mood.. but none. oh wells ...

I WANT TO GO BACK BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA .. tapi mahal tu ticket.. bikin panas.. haha..

IM TIRED OF WAITING - yea.. the new current song people singing to .. and that title suits me so well. tired of waiting for the impossible..

oh wells.. nah . 1030 suda.. tu kerja blm siap .. better go before maryssa aka mami marah sy x pandai study .. haha.. k Nytez!!!

Ah_lina is Athung.. really !! >.