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Thursday, January 21, 2010
2:59 PM

Last Tuesday was my first test of this sem. WOW. I actually really STUDY. haha.. Im so proud of myself. *pats head*

Thank God I can answer the questions but I was having a hard time doing the limiting reagent questions.. damn .. in the end .. I think I have lost an A there. Please dont go any lower than B please~~ amin.

which reminds me...
Im SERIOUSLY gonna stop online after today until the test week is over..
Will be back on CNY holidays ..
Which is 5th Feb for me!!! haha.. Im having two weeks holidays while the others start at 14th...

Not my fault the Schedual has been change so drastically after me and maryssa already booked flight tickets waaaayy earlier using the given calender before. If it was under rm50 maybe we would consider buying a new ones but .. DAMN MAHAL la!!

just imagine one way cost rm350++.....Two ways cost rm350 x 2 = rm 7oo

the new tickets cost around ...rm8oo + rm 400 = rm1200

and not to mention we burn the last year's tickets for one way to sabah ..


We lost so much money on changing tickets already!! Why on earth would I want to buy new ones now? hahaha... Blame the calender people ... tsk3..

So .. My scheduale for next week would be

26th Jan - Ukur Tanah Test 1
surely this is like on of the subjects which I hardly focused on .. We do practicals more than we read kay .. I even got sunburn on my forehead while doing the practicals.. =.=

27th Jan - Titas
Okay .. Tamadun Dunia .. wait .. what ever it is .. Its about tamadun .. And we have learned all the istilah, ciri, and in the processs of learning Tamadun Islam .. owh .. need to get the facts right. But I can manage this one .. Right? With God's will...

29th Jan - Calculus
Yeap .. This subject is all about differentiations and intergerations .. But we only focused on Differentiation this semester. Yet, it still sounds so hard .. How I miss MJ's +m3's class. SO easy .. all we do is copy2 and then send.. Life's good with LG~~ hahaha

Mechanic Dynamic's test is on 24th Feb due to the fact that me and Maryssa going home early.. Prof. Karim decided to delayed it .. We took votes. So fair and square kay people?? hehe.. :D

And that's about it .. all the Test I will go through .. Wish me luck!!


xoxo to all my lovelies ..

Hope you guys are still in good health!! hahaa

Gonna be back soon enough .. Belanja me!!