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Thursday, November 12, 2009
Japan is out of bananas??? 10:26 PM

Ok .. that title sound weird huh?

well i was randomly seeking a video in HowCast's list in Youtube. i think this post will help anyone who has been seeking a way to diet... Lets start with the news...

Read This news first !!

"Japanese banana importers are currently in a state of emergency due to the wild popularity of the Morning Banana Diet: Most supermarkets in Japan are selling out of bananas by 3 p.m. every day. The Morning Banana Diet was developed by a pharmacist in Osaka to help her husband lose weight and it gained popularity when a TV program featured a singer who lost 15 pounds in six weeks on the diet. The diet regimen is simple: Eat a banana and drink room temperature water in the morning, eat whatever you want for lunch or dinner (except for desserts) and go to bed before midnight "

So here's the video I found on HowCast...

So the listed things to do when following this banana diet plan...

1. Eat 4 bananas in the morning
2. Drink room temperature water.. [aww.. no cold drinks???]
3. Eat anything for lunch ... but NO DESSERTS [=.="]
4. Eat something sweet at 3pm.. [im saving my dark chocos for this.. =D]
5. No eating after 6pm .. and ABSOLUTE no eating after8pm [this is to ensure the food digested properly i guess]
6. Sleep by midnight, must have 6 hours of good night sleep..

So? How will it go?? Well see.. Im gonna test this one out.. teehee... For the sake of knowing if its gonna work or not.. =D

My mum was looking for an article to talk about this friday.. maybe I can give this topic to her??


Oh btw... I need a drawing block , buncho paint colors, pva glue, paint brush, a good pencil..
But I cant find all those stuff in my house !! Where did my buncho went to ?? Ngeh~~

I also found out that Clean&Clear has a product line for blackheads problems... But why is it I haven't see them in stores?? maybe there are not here in Malaysia yet?? oh well... Im gonna try the Acne Control kit.. I have each and every C&C product I ever saw sold in Malaysia.. Except the new Acne Control Kit.. Gonna get it soon.. wee~~ Im such a loyal customer to C&C from J&J XP

Since I have neglecting my facial routine my face kin has turn dry .. oily-ish.. hmm... Need to get back on track... Also C&C has a wide range of collection I have never seen before.. I want to collect them all.. HAHA


That's a lot... hmmm... I want them all.. =D
That's all for today blogging.. I still don't know what to do here... Im too afraid to drive my dad's DMAX . TOO big and well. too new.. if i scratch it he'll blow up on me.. yeah ..
I'll be the object of his anger releasement.. now that's a weird word...
Well Off to bed.. Banana Diet .. haha
Love ya !!!
Good Night Everyone, May God protect you .. GBU..
(= Athung Ahlina =)

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