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Saturday, November 14, 2009
Balik Kampung... 7:29 PM

Oh yeay ~ he's coming back to Sabah!!!

..... and Im going back to Beaufort for the day... Aigo~~

OkoK... So I can't meet him today.. Owh feathers! Sob..Sob.. there is always next time....

:( kawaiiso yo!!

So I was hoping to take some more pictures. BUT I forgot something!!!
Its not the camera... Its the MEMORY CARD!!! I was trasferring the pictures from the memory card to
my lappy and FORGOT to TAKE IT OUT... Damn....

Also .. That DMax made me dizzy .. Its like a horse ride at the back seat! I ended up sleeping the whole way back to KK.. It was raining too.. A nice moment to take a break. hehe =D

Ano hito ga bogorshipo yo~ ngeh~
I want TEDDY !!!!

Azrie!!! mana teddy ko mo bagi sy tu?? huuhuu~ :(

OH!! And ... thanx to Alif [which reminds me.. his birthday is just around the corner..] im addicted to korean newly HOT drama

You're Beautiful 미남이시네요 !!!

[picture is not available]

Lolz... its kind of like Coffee Prince.. Where the female protagonist has to disguise herself as a boy..
Im not in to giving you guys the synopsis.. hehe.. Watch - It - YourSelf!
Park Shin Hye is in it.. and Hong Ki!!! He looks cute in there... lolz...

Well... nothing much happenned today .. Besides me finding my old art stuff back.. Wee~ I still got my troubled prince picture.. I should Upload that one up . Yea~~

Okok... continuing my latest addiction on MySoju.

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