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Wednesday, September 02, 2009
Set it straight!! 11:18 PM

I want to set it straight.
I want to stop procasinating
I want to really tackle all those insane subjects down...

Ok.. That's it.. No more procasinating on anything... Its a waste of my time..

Oooo.. tuuung .. Just wake up from your dream girl!!!!...


I have a list of songs to record for NSA. All the songs I dont even know....
Im thinking of doing KissHug- Aiko cover.. and a twisted YUI - again cover..
Gonna settle with all youtube bussiness ASAP. Then .. Its a full blast studying .. yea... STUDY is the life man... [But i will still stay in NSA.. hehehe :D ]

Oh yea.. And I will find the appropriate time to really talk about all those craxy outing we have later.
Dunno la bila later dia tu kan?? hahha

I received my favorite snack food just now. Thanx IZ!! Qeela came upstairs to give it to me.
*munch*munch* LOVE Hello Panda!! >.<

OK im Off to have a date with Giancoli.. Phys.. Circular ... something... and some other stuff..
Owh .. mekanik Static tomoro.. Need to really focus this time. OKAI...

Tungtung Is out of here

NYte! Adieu~