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Monday, August 24, 2009
Updates... 5:14 PM

Wee~ Its Ramadhan yet again!!

Its my first Ramadhan without my family outside my home.. Honestly? I dont feel the difference. It'll be the same no matter where I go.. Because I had never really felt the comfort of being HOME. Even in my own house I feel trapped. SO sad.. So emo.. So .. SO...

Okay lets recap what I have been doing because I havent update this blog of mine in a veryyy LOOONG time..

1. I found out Glen reads this blog... [HI!!! hahahahaha]
2. I found out unknown number keeps miss calling me [its a psiko.. and its TRUE]
3. I have went to cinema a lot this month.
4. I failed my mekanik static.. owh well.. back to basics baby!!
5 I am now... SICK .. dont ride a bus on fasting hour.. note that...


That's all I have to say ... for now.. updates later.. Full page - detailed - and hopefully fun to read.. OK
Its time to get ready for buka puasa.. hahhaa.

Adieu ^^