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Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Procasinating MOOD ON!! 11:01 PM

Im currently procasinating my works...

Moving on... last friday me and maryssa went to go shopping at Times Square!! Bought new clothes .. Wee~~ and now Im broke again.. =.="

Im not feeling well since yesterday because I had to have a n arguement with my parents. They are coming this coming friday and I have a DDA camping on that day at Linggi as well. Clashing events occured. Then my dad said all the things I HATE so much to hear - which TOTALLY ruined my whole mood. I couldn't sleep at night. I forced myself to sleep at 530AM. Then woke up at 830AM just to find out I catch a slight fever. I only ate nestum for breakfast and eat hello panda for lunch ..

Gah~ Im so EMO right now!!!

Moving on to a little less dark part of my day...

== I gave my most valuable-precious-ring to him yesterday. When I saw him at the cafe during lunch, he was wearing it!! OMO!! And somehow he look so "bright"?? today.. Was it because I gave him that ring?? But I didnt saw him again after that.. Boring day .. I was all alone mos of the time .. Well accept at the cafe. I was surrounded by all the guys. OMO!! I forgot! Glenn went to hug Dude and it was so CUTE!!! Damn I left my hp at my hostel!! ngeh~~

Nevermind.. as long as I can see their happy faces... It will ALWAYS brighten up my days here without you girls.


WEhh.. Im so sorryy I havent contact youuuu.. And oso ... for not chatting with you when im online.. Im always in a rush .. GOMEN!!!!!!

Yeah~ That's all . Im just not so much in blogging mood... OWH HOW MISERABLE I FEEL TODAY...
Need sleep.. Need sleep .. TESTs............ =.=""

I want a HUG .. HUG ME?

GARRRRRRRRRR~~~ helpppppp