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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nah~ Im not as busy as I may seem. because... because... Im


hahaha.. Im a good student arent I ?

So basically .. the photography club's registeration was closed before the real closing date. So la bikin panas!!! Damn !! I want to join so badly.. *cough*

i think im coming down with a cough-sore throat. Pleaaaaaseee god... dont!!! I havent been sick since after SPM . tomorrow i have thr KKDK dinner stuff to go .

Dress code: Stylish & stylish

so what am I gonna wear? JEANS and TSHIRT. very casual right? Im so cool, I dont care about fashion statement. hahaha. *@_@*

I feel so fuzzy right now.. all i wanna do is SLEEP .. owh .. I have phys and Trigo assignments..
Owh well.. Class start at 10am. I'll do it tomorrow.. Cant think straight already ..

@_@"" *faint*fell*drop dead*



Just received a call from my mom saying Aunt Jez just died. Yeah~ I cried.. for 1 minute. Rest in peace dear Auntie. Hope her boys will stay strong through this situation. -mourning mood

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